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Monday, October 6, 2008

WWE No Mercy 2008 - Kane vs Rey Mysterio

Kane vs Rey Mysterio was a match that I was not really looking to see although both Kane and Rey Mysterio are highly entertaining. The problem was the entire stipulation with the mask. I already said that Rey lost the mask against the NWO. You can see the match HERE. The problem was that there was not a good build up for such a thing. There are a lot of fans of the WWE that do not even know how important that mask is for a wrestler like Rey. That is why I saw Rey Mysterio as the winnner of this wrestling match. This was a classic high flyer versus strong brawler wrestler. The match did start in an entertaining manner. Kane with some strong moves and Rey Mysterio with some fast and high flying moves. Now the problem was not the wrestling match as it was really entertaining. The problem was the end. Why in the world would you get disqualified if you want Rey's mask that bad? Rey Mysterio won the match thanks to a disqualification and he keeps his mask. Isn't that a stupid ending? This is in case it is the ending or not! It might not be! Who knows? The match was pretty interesting but too bad of the ending!

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