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Saturday, October 18, 2008

TNA Changes Backstage

It seems that from now on there will be interesting changes backstage in TNA. Many wrestling fans did not really like the way things are going and according to inside information, from now on it will be TNA agents that decide the end of the wrestling matches. Since now they were just messengers between the TNA creative team and the wrestlers. Now they will be able to decide the end of the wrestling matches and this should add a different flair to the show. The general feeling backstage is that this is a very good move, especially since the endings that the agents have in mind are far better than what the creative team is thinking of. On the other hand, the storylines and the winners of the matches will still be decided by the creative team, exactly as it should be. I personally expect to see a lot better wrestling matches and especially match endings in TNA. This should spice up everything and maybe give the fans an extra reason to watch TNA.

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