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Monday, October 6, 2008

WWE No Mercy 2008 - Undertaker vs Big Show

This was a wrestling match that was sad for me. Ever since it started I knew that the Undertaker is going to lose. This was because he is injured and his knee is not working well. The entire feud Undertaker had with Edge was destroying for the Dead Man but he still gets back to the ring. Now the entrance of the Undertaker is always tremendous and we all know that. He did get a huge pop from the crowd and this is one wrestler that will leave an incredible legacy behind. The Undertaker started pretty well and that leg drop on the apron is always impressive to see. What was nice was to see Big Show on the ropes doing an interesting high risk move. The problem was that most of the match looked like a brawl and not a wrestling match. Both guys are pretty big but they can both wrestle and have good moves in their arsenal. The Undertaker hit an incredible DDT, one that looked so good when delivered against the Big Show. Now the ending of the match was stupid. Big Show won thanks to a KO thanks to three right hooks. How can you have a boxing ending in a wrestling match? In any case, Undertaker lost and will probably take a rest now to completely heal his knee.

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