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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ric Flair to write a second Autobiography?

Now this piece of news does sound pretty strange for me. It seems that The Nature Boy Ric Flair wants to write a second autobiography. An inside source said that Mark Madden will work on the project and it does seem like all is true. Why would a wrestler write a second autobiography? Shouldn't an autobiography be just one? I am sorry but this is how I see it. I just think it is one way for a legend wrestler to gain more money. I might be mistaken but hey, I am entitled to my own opinion.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Mick Foley Jumps Wagon

I never thought I would see this but hey, another top WWE superstar looks like is going to TNA. Some of the best including Booker T, Christian Cage, Team 3D and Kurt Angle are already on the TNA roster. The latest indication that Mick Foley is a member of TNA now stands in the fact that he is no longer available on the web site and various inside sources in TNA state that merchandise for Mick Foley have already started being created. Although this is weird and unexpected it is still a surprise. WWE got Gail Kim and Ron Killings from TNA (among others) and TNA brings in Mick Foley. I am really curious to see how he will be implemented in the system. Every wrestling fan out there is curios whether or not Mick Foley will start wrestling again or not, that is quite a question that should be answered as soon as the possible clauses in the WWE contract allow TNA to take advantage of Foley. One thing is for sure: Mick Foley will get a standing ovation by TNA fans, although he does not necessarily fit the pattern in the company. Then again, TNA started to forget about the X-Division and how that got them on the map. Still, a Mick Foley return in the wrestling ring would be something (if he is still able to wrestle properly).

The real problem is that this move might have Mick Foley not be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame. This would totally be a shape because he has done so much for the company. Just remember that Hell in a Cell match against the Undertaker and what happened there. Mick said it was the best match in his life but even The Undertaker thought his career was over. I sure hope that will not happen. Here is a very good Mick Foley Tribute Video, enjoy and enjoy everything this man has ever done for WWE fans.

UPDATE - 01 September 2009

At a recent Cleveland Indians game Mick Foley attended in order to throw the opening pitch. During an interview Foley said that he did not sign with TNA, although he might try out a pay per view event with the company. According to the people that saw this interview the Hardcore Legend was not aware of the rumors of him joining TNA and the truth is that he can not sign with the company until his contract is over (which is already a reality as far as sources say). This basically means that we might see Mick Foley wrestle but it is still not confirmed whether or not a contract with TNA will be signed in the future.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Too many injuries in the WWE

There are way too many injuries in the WWE at the moment. John Cena went through surgery and will be sidelined for a long period of time. We all knew that as it was public and even on the WWE website but there are other professional wrestlers that are wrestling for the company currently sidelined. During the last SmackDown tapings it was confirmed that Jamie Noble botched an aerial move and had a bad on neck landing and Jeff Hardy also landed on his neck after a bad Whisper in the Wind. This is not to mention the fact that Ken Kenedy is scheduled for a surgery on his shoulder this Friday. The injury came in a wrestling match against Shelton Benjamin and ever since that macth Mr. Kenedy has been working light. He has a torn labron and even a damaged rotatory cuff. There are quite some injuries in the WWE and if we add the fact that Edge had to step down due to huge fatigue and pain in his entire body it does seem strange to see something like this. Wrestling truly is a demanding sport but still, too many injuries in the WWE in my book.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

John Cena's Injury Legit?

When it was announced a lot of people that that the new neck injury of John Cena was just a storyline but it does seem that this injury is legit. Even before Summerslam the wrestler was suffering and he is not 100% cleared to wrestle. This is why he was taken out of the WWE scramble for the championship match and Rey Mysterio was put in instead of Cena. We are talking about what was announced as a herniated disk in his neck. My mother had something like that and it was really painful with a long recovery span. We just hope John Cena recovers quickly!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Does John Cena Suck?

I see this huge fight between wrestling fans talking about John Cena and whether or not he sucks (both literally and not). Well, with him being gay the situation is very simple: so far there is no proof that John Cena is gay except for clips made by what has been labeled as Cena Haters. Now, talking about the John Cena Sucks topic, all is related to whether or not he is a good wrestler. So many people keep talking about the fact that he can only use 5 moves. Well, if you actually take a look at his matches you will notice that he does know a lot more and the simple wrestling moves that he executes are executed with high angles or variations in mind.

Now the entire world of the WWE revolves around "E", which does mean ENTERTAINMENT.We are not talking about wrestling in Japan, where all is more brutal. We are talking about shows, acting and basically entertainment. Any professional wrestler that can make the crowd love him or hate him is what is considered good in this business. He will get the belt eventually just because of this factor. Take a good look at Santino Marella for instance. He is not a great wrestler but he is so funny that people want to see him. There was one commentary in a Smackdown vs Raw video game that said something like "If the people don't buy a ticket to cheer for him, they will buy one to see him beat up!" The WWE is focused on entertainment and this is why John Cena will always be considered a good wrestler in the company, as long as writers have something to do with him.

I am not defending John Cena. He is not as good as a wrestler as others on the brand but people do want to see him win and lose at the same time. He gets mixed reactions based on where he goes. He is charismatic and talking about in ring ability, although he might not be that great, he does have explosion in his moves, not to mention not being afraid of taking risks. John Cena does not suck although you are entitled to your own opinion. Do not forget the fact that the WWE is based on a show and remember that a midget won a belt as well so you can not really criticize Cena. If you want to see good wrestlers take a look at TNA or some other wrestling federations!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Melina Summer Skin Photos

Love her or hate her, Melina is quite a sexy woman, just like almost all the WWE divas. She is also flexible and that is a huge advantage, of course. Here are some of the pictures she did for the Summer Skin photoshoot. Hope you like them. You will not see Melina nude but hey, that is just fantasy for most people! Click on the thumbs to see the bigger pictures!

Summerslam - Good and Bad at the Same Time

After all the build up in the last weeks weren't you expecting a lot from WWE Summerslam? I sure did and did not really get the satisfaction I needed except in some moments. Let us think about what happened at the "Biggest Blockbuster of the Summer". Everything started with quite a good promo. I always did like the WWE wrestling promos. They are quite good and the one with the Undertaker opened a lot of possibilities. From some pictures I actually thought that the Undertaker would come back to the Ministry days, that would have been awesome but will never happen again! A lot of WWE fans want the whole Attitude Era back and more, including the masked Kane and not to mention some wanting a return of the Rock or Steve Austin. Although the last two things are possible the others are highly impossible unless with a huge bang. The WWE did have a flop with the Degeneration-X reunion and they do bring back The Brothers of Destruction once in a while but that is about all at the moment! OK! Let's get back to Summerslam 2008 because we can rant forever on such topics.

The first match of the night was a Jeff Hardy versus MVP match that was built up with less time than needed in my view. Both guys are pretty good when talking about wrestling skills but this is a feud that does need to either continue or never be mentioned again. Thumbs up on the finish of the wrestling match with the interference of Shelton Benjamin. That was quite unexpected and MVP won it due to that distraction. Given the fact that Shelton is a champion at the moment, it would be interesting to see a feud built up in these three wrestlers: Jeff Hardy, MVP and Shelton Benjamin.

Next we had the Winners Take All Match between Kofi Kingston and Mickie James versus Santino Marella and Beth Pheonix. It was kind of obvious that Santino and Beth would win it with Beth making the pin as it would only be logical. Unfortunately the match was not that entertaining and Santino does need some more ring wrestling skills. I do not know if he simply does not have wrestling moves in his arsenal or the WWE does not let him use them. On the other hand Kofi Kingston is incredibly athletic. It would be an incredible team of Kofi Kingston and The Truth Killings on Raw. Till that possibility the match was kind of short but most matches in the WWE that involve women are short. On the other hand Santino and Beth are pretty funny and I do laugh a lot when I take a look at Santino Marella. So, new champs!

We then had the Shawn Michaels retirement speech that also saw Jericho accidentaly punch HBK's wife. This storyline is quite interesting, leaving aside the eye injury storyline, which is quite stupid. On the other hand, Chris Jericho is a very good heel and he is much better than others like Randy Orton, for instance. Can't wait to see how this storyline continues!

Now the match for the ECW Championship between Mark Henry and Matt Hardy was simply a wrestling match that should not have been at a pay per view like Summerslam. The crowd loved it because of a small reunion of the Hardy Boys, probably a stunt to advertise the new Twist of Fate DVD.

Then we had the World Championship Match between CM Punk and JBL. It was obvious that CM Punk would win it and I think everyone is glad that there was no controversy when talking about wrestling in this match. CM Punk is sure to remain some time at the time due to the fact that any feud that includes him is fresh and would be original. On the other hand, at the next WWE pay per view, Unforgiven, there will be a special match that will see 5 men fight for the championship. If CM Punk wins that one he will probably hold the title for a long time.

Next the Great Khali versus Triple H for the WWE championship. The crowd was absolutely right when they were chanting "You Can't Wrestle" for Khali but hey, this is once again just business. This guy sells in a country with a lot of inhabitants like India so he needs to be involved in high angle matches. On the other hand, it would have been stupid for Khali to defeat Triple H, especially at the run he is having at the moment and the fact that he did not lose a Summerslam match in around 6 years, if I am not mistaken. A pedigree on The Great Khali and still champ, Triple H.

Now the next match was huge in terms of fans: John Cena versus Batista. A cute little storyline built on mutual respect and wanting to be the best and a match that was eagerly expected by fans. A huge mixed reaction to these two wrestlers and my pick for the match did win: Batista after a powerbomb and a Batista bomb. It is great to see that both Batista and Jena have more moves in their arsenal and I must say I really like the fact that Batista executes that Jackhammer suplex, one move I really like. I also enjoyed the Figure 4 although I will never understand why people work on the left knee and they lock on the FIgure 4 on the other leg.

The main event was the one that people really wanted to see and I do not think anyone would disagree with this. Edge versus the Undertaker, Hell in a Cell. Crazy Edge versus The Undertaker was a really intense Hell in a Cell wrestling match. What can I say? You have to see the match and I hope you did! Both wrestlers have stepped up high gears here and we saw The Undertaker executing the Last Ride, the Chokeslam, the Tombstone Piledriver, the ConChairTone, Edge's Spear, we saw three spears from Edge, camera hits, ladders, tables, chairs, stair steps and even Edge put through the ring and "burnt alive" by the Undertaker. There were so many near falls and I do think that Edge will be going on a break now. He was put into a lot of intense matches lately and I am quite surprised of the show these two professional wrestlers created. Both of them will surely be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Natalya Summer Skin Photoshoot Pictures

Here are some pictures of the WWE Diva Natalya from the Summer Skin Photoshoot. Hope you like them:

More pictures of WWE Divas and even TNA knockouts are sure to come soon!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Drug Rehab

Every time I hear about a professional wrestler that is dealing with drug problems I can not help wondering why that happens. On the other hand we need to understand that anyone of us can end up having drug problems and basically negative addictions that can kill us. This is why we do need to know about drug rehab facilities and I want to recommend one that is special and of high quality when talking about any Drug Rehab Program you might be thinking about. I am talking about CliffsideMalibu, a specialized facility that deals with addiction treatment, Alcohol Rehabilitation, rehab, substance abuse problems, interventions and a whole lot more.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

TNA Hard Justice 2008 - My Review

As always, people might or might not agree with what I or anyone else is writing when talking about professional wrestling as there are TNA fans and WWE fans and the fight is on. I must say that I never made a secret of the fact that I enjoy TNA wrestlers more but the WWE does seem to be growing in storyline material and on the whole the competition between the two companies is interesting although WWE is far ahead of TNA at the moment. Leaving that aside I just saw Hard Justice some time ago and wanted to talk about it a little.

First match saw Creed versus Petey Williams for the X Division title. It was a pretty interesting match but the ending did not really satisfy me as Daivari interfereed and caused Petey Williams to retain the title. As expected, this being an X division wrestling match, it was quite entertaining and did make for a good pay per view start. Then we had the knockouts tag team match, one that should have been highly entertaining as the women's wrestling division in TNA is definitely of high quality. Traci Brooks was the special referee, something that I do not remember seeing before until TNA: a woman's wrestling referee. The start of the match was something that wanted to be funny, it was not for me, and then we had the actual wrestling match starting. It was not bad and the TNA Knockouts champion got the pin.

The next was a highly expected tag team match between Robert Roode and James Storm versus LAX for the tag titles. A lot of hype was around this match and Beer Money Inc. is quite catchy. On the other hand I really like LAX and I wanted them to win. This match looked pretty violent and intense and it did keep fans entertained. We did see the Three Amigos, a punch probably towards the Guerrero family and then Roode tried a frog splash that missed. This was the turning point as Hernandez got in and started laying out Beer Money Inc. Then all broke loose as a lot of near falls happened. This wrestling match had an incredibly intense ending, one that was so unexpected. We saw Hernandez execute the Border Toss on Homicide but landing outside the six sided ring on Beer Money Inc. This was not the end as the women got involved as well, together with Hector Guerrero but Beer Money Inc got the win after the beer bottle was broken on Homice as he was going for the Gringo Killer. An incredible tag team wrestling match and new tag team champions.

Next was Sonjay Dutt versus Jay Lethal, all accompanied by a feud story line that was very well built. The wrestling match had special stipulations as the two wrestlers were chained together and wearing a tuxedo. The win should come via pin fall or when one wrestler takes the costume off the other one. Jay Lethal won it via pin fall, quite a good match but without those chains I think it would have been a lot more spectacular. Next came the Jersey Street Fight that saw Team 3D lose the match with Christian Cage and Rhino. It was quite a good match with a frog splash finish. Abyss also appeared and saved Cage and Rhino after the match. Then we had the last man standing wrestling match but with TNA rules, which means that first you have to pin or submit your opponent prior to the referee starting the ten count. AJ won the match but Sting attacked AJ. This was definitely unexpected. The main event saw Samoa Joe defeat Booker T thanks to a guitar hit. It is becoming quite strange but for me it seems that faces use the guitar and heels Sting's baseball bat. This is quite worth a watch. Hard Justice 2008 was a pretty good pay per view in terms of wrestling but I do think it could have been better. Be sure to watch SummerSlam and Edge versus the Undertaker in Hell in a Cell this weekend.

Crazy Edge Versus the Undertaker at Summerslam

Well, I really do not have any idea who the WWE got to write the stories now but I must say that I am quite impressed. This entire Edge versus The Undertaker feud is very interesting and did not go as people expected at all. In most cases the stories would be guessed by wrestling fans but this one was quite unexpected. The black rose turnaround was pretty cool and the fact that they are putting a crazy Edge in hell in a cell against The Undertaker just made this the most expected match at Summerslam. I must also say that the choices made by the WWE are quite good as the matches at Summerslam should be a feast. It will be interesting to see how the Undertaker would wrestle and if he really is 100% and Edge should be awesome as well. I expect them to go to the top of the cage of course but what I really expect is to see a match that could go either ways. For the first time in this Undertaker versus Edge feud I would have no problem with Edge wining the match and seeing Undertaker go with Kane and re-forming the Brothers of Destruction. Kane's storyline is interesting, John Cena versus Batista is interesting and even Santino and Beth Phoenix is nice to see. For the first time in history I get to see that Triple H's title and CM Punk's title are put on the line in a pay per view in two matches that are not so eagerly expected by fans as matches that do not have a title on the line: Edge versus the Undertaker and John Cena versus Batista. This is one wrestling match that should not be missed ad I am sure everybody is expecting something HUGE!

NFL Picks Forum

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