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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

History Repeats Itself for Rey Mysterio

I can not believe it that the WWE is using Rey Mysterio's mask again. He is at the moment scheduled for a match against Kane at No Mercy and the special stipulation added is that if he loses the match he will need to remove his mask. Well, those of us that have loved wrestling for a long time already know how Rey Mysterio looks without a mask. He already lost his mask once in a tag team match besides Konnan versus Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. This was the time when WCW had the Red & Black NWO Wolfpack. The entire storyline seems so far fetched for me and I do not like one bit the fact that they are playing around with Rey's mask again. That mask means something in the world of professioanl wrestling. They would better off add a stipulation that if Rey loses he takes off his mask and if he wins Kane would need to put his mask back on. Kane does deserve a big push and the masked Kane was such a delight to see. In any case, if you want to see Rey unmasked you could do a search on YouTube. There are so many pics of him without a mask. I am also adding the video of the end of the wrestling match where he lost the mask in WCW. Enjoy Rey Mysterio without a mask without having to watch No Mercy. I sure hope he does not lose the mask and if he does it better be for a good continuation.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Batista Wants to Retire

It has been reported that Batista will only want to wrestle for one or two more years and then retire. Inside the WWE people think that Vince McMahon is strongly against this and will try anything to keep the professional wrestler aboard. People close to Batista have reported that they do believe he wants to retire and this is not just a stunt aimed towards getting better contracts. This basically means that Vince will probably offer Batista a better contract in order to make him change his mind.

People have mixed ideas about this. Some say that Batista is a free spender and he only says this to get a better contract. The trick is that most people actually say that he is wise when it comes to money. They claim that he does investments and spends money in order to make more. Whatever the case may be, Batista is one of the wrestlers that are needed by the WWE in their overseas business. Now this might be why Vince will go out of his way to keep the wrestler on board but we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

James Storm rushed to the hospital

In a recent house show in London, Ontario 500 fans witnessed a move that went wrong in the ring. The result was James Storm being knocked out. TNA had a major scare with this and the professional wrestler was quickly rushed to the hospital. He suffered a concussion and nobody knows if this will stop him from wrestling at No Surrender. I do think he will be there if the concussion is not that serious. This little incident just goes to show you that this business is tough and you never know what can happen. Wrestling is not as easy as people see it and one wrong move can lead to a serious injury. Let us just hope that no complications will appear for James Storm.

The TNA Impact Videogame

The new TNA Impact Videogame was recently launched and I eagerly expected it and bought it. It was basically a huge mistake! The game is bad! It can not compare with the Smackdown vs Raw series in the least bit. The latest news has it that Midway already started working on the second game and I really think that I will be a lot more cautios with that one. TNA basically created a lot of buzz on this game and used the feud between Angle and Cage, not to mention good enough teasers to make people want to buy. They succeeded as they are great but the game is not.

First of there is no create a wrestler mode. The satisfaction you can get from a wrestling game is so much less when this does not exist. You can really only play Story mode and the one feature that is fun and will be entertaining is the inclusion of the Ultimate X wrestling match. Get on your favorite console and play a few matches with friends and that is about it! TNA Impact the Videogame is something that is just different than Smackdown vs Raw and that has a different type of control over the players plus the 6 sided ring. I was definitely expecting a whole lot more from this video game and I think all of us were!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Contract Updates on Top TNA Superstars

In tonight's TNA House Show in New York City, Team 3d asked the audience what company they should re-sign with? TNA or the Other Company (WWE of course)? This basically means that Team 3D re-signed with TNA as they would never pulls such a stunt unless the wrestlers would have already signed the contract.

Now talking about Christian Cage and Kevin Nash it seems there is a 50-50 chance that they would resign with TNA. The most important factor seems to be whether or not the WWE is interested in giving them contracts. It seems that Kevin Nash is wanted by the WWE to stand in as a bodyguard for Shawn Michaels, thus counteracting Lance Cade for Chris Jericho. The main problem with Nash is that he is limited when talking about wrestling and the TNA schedule is perfect for him as he can rest enough between matches. This is rarely achievable in WWE.

We all know that Christian Cage did not leave on good terms from the WWE. The good news is that this happen a while ago and time does heal all wounds. Cage is personally feeling that a move to the WWE would be better for him as he would get pushed more. On the other hand I do have a feeling that he did get an extra push in the recent weeks as given the Kurt Angle vs AJ Styles feud and the fact that Kurt is in that 4-way main event for the title and AJ Styles fought Christian Cage for the qualificiation (Cage won it) it would have made more sense for AJ Styles to be in that one.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ted Dibiase Jr and The Undertaker's Wrestlemania Streak

Now this is something that I really do not like and I do hope that it will not come to this. It seems that there are big plans in the backstage area of the WWE to make something huge happen with the Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak. Inside sources said that Vince wants to use the Dead Man's streak to establish a huge up and coming superstar. Check this out! The one person he thought about was Ted Dibiase Jr. Still, it is highly not likely that the Undertaker will lose the next Wrestlemania and all would depend on how Ted Dibiase Jr. evolves. It looks like VInce does want to turn the young wreslter in a new Randy Orton. It would be a Ted vs Taker feud linked with Ted Dibiase Sr. and the fact that he brought him to the WWE.

I personally hope that this would not happen and I think I am not alone in thinking that The Undertaker should have no loses at Wrestlemania until he retires. Retire the Undertaker at Wrestlemania or leave the streak alone. He will probably be inducted in the Hall of Fame but this streak is something that will forever remain as the legend that is the Undertaker.

Halloween Costumes

Halloween is quickly coming round the corner and a lot of people are already starting to think about how they are going to dress. For the wrestling fan that wants to dress as a wrestler the choices are quite limited due to everybody realizing you do not really look like an Edge or as Batista, John Cena and so on. On the other hand, when it comes to costumes, you can easily dress as a luchador or like superstars like The Undertaker, the masked Kane that was years ago, Mankind and so on. You might not want to dress as a wrestler. In this case you should go check out Buy Costumes, a website that is truly fantastic and that is so complete that you will surely find the costume you want. We recommend that you take a look and see how you can combine everything so that you can really get the Halloween costume you are looking for. Unique wrestling costumes are quite hard to find but with a little imagination (and given that you still have a lot of time for this) you can basically dress up as anyone you might want. Be sure to use the search function and you will surely find the best costume possible. To make it even better, the prices are highly affordable so this will not stop you from your dream Halloween Costume.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Brock Lesnar versus Randy Couture

Now this one is going to be funny. Dana White recently announced that the UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture will take on former professional wrestler Brock Lesnar in a math on the 15th of November and (check this out) it seems that the UFC title will be on the line. The match will take place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and we have a 5 round UFC match scheduled. I do not mean to not have trust in Brock but I do not see how he can beat Randy Couture. I mean he has 2 wins and a loss and is already fighting for the championship? On the other hand Couture has 16 wins and 8 loses. HMMM, I am quite curios of this one. It will be interesting to see who will win it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Shawn Michaels Injured

As previously reported, it does seem that too many wrestlers are getting injured in the WWE. The latest addition to the list is, unfortunately, Shawn Michaels. It seems that he suffered a triceps tear during the RAW tapings for yesterday's show. So far the wrestler is still scheduled to face Chris Jericho in an Unsanctioned match at Unforgiven. According to the veteran, he will go on to face Jericho at the pay per view no matter the costs. Unfortunately this might not be the case if the doctors do not give the go ahead. You have to wonder about the possible implications of such a match as it is most likely that it would be quite a brutal one and no matter the result Shawn will need time off if he is suffering from a muscle tear. The match will probably go on because both Shawn and Chris did put a lot of effort in building the feud. Few people are aware of the fact that most of the creative side of the storyline was developed by the two wrestlers. The result was a good one and the end will be at Unforgiven although it might mean a forced loss for Michaels. I would personally not want Shawn to wrestle if he can not give as much as he could as it would only lead to further risks on his career, not to mention a dull match. He will just have to wait and see but I still think that there are too many injuries on the WWE roster at the moment.

UPDATE - 3rd September 2008

Shawn Michaels will go on with his match at Unforgiven. After tests it resulted that the wrestler is only suffering from a minor tear and he will only need a little time to recover. If the injury would have been more serious and he would have gone through with the match he would have needed a longer time frame to recover. With this in mind I sure hope Shawn Michaels will win it as it would be the normal turn of events. Even more, a brutal wrestling match would sell the fact that he would need a little time to recover and he would get out of the real injury with ease.

Christian Cage - TNA or WWE?

It was reported everywhere so surely you know that Christian Cage's contract with TNA will expire this year. This basically means that he could stay or return to the WWE and one should think that he would have a good spot on Smackdown for a feud or reunion with The Rated R Superstar, Edge (that is when he will return or a lot in the future).

Inside sources reported that Christian Cage is happy with the pay TNA gives him but he does have a problem with the creative team. To make it even worse, one of his friends, Scott D'Amore, left the TNA creative team so this would be a reason for Cage to go for the WWE. It does seem that a lot of wrestlers are currently exchanged between the two wrestling companies and each wants the best possible. Christian Cage is among the best so anyone that signs him would have an advantage when talking about a hard working wrestler. Although 35, Christian Cage is not showing ring rust yet and can still go for a long time. Let us see what happens with the wrestler in the future!