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Monday, February 25, 2008

Victoria's Custom Car Shop

Lisa Marie Varon, better known as WWE Diva Vicoria, recently announced on her MySpace account that she will open a custom car shop of her own. It will be named "Black Widow Customs" and will be found in Luisiville, KY (that is close to where she actually lives). It is due to be opened next month and so far only one car is showed, her own Chrysler 300c. If you live in the area you will be able to see that car as it is entered in the Carl Caspers show. If you do not want to see the car and you only want to see Victoria, she will also be there on Saturday from around 7 to 9 PM. You can also go to YouTube and visit the account chrysler300 so that you can vote and give her support. If that does not work for you, pictures are available of the custom car by Victoria HERE.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Big Show at No Way Out 2008

OK! We all expected the Big Show to appear at No Way Out and to see him with a lot of weight lost but we probably did not really expect what happened there. Big Show came out and almost attacked Rey Mysterio although no attack really happened. Then Floyd Mayweather jumped in the ring and eventually gave Big Show a couple of strong shots. Now I did some boxing in my life and those were real strong hits. That did look like a broken nose that Big Show got. Now whatever the case is, we do know that Big SHow has been training and tried to follow a boxing career and now Mayweather in the WWE ring on RAW with a titantron movie and coming on the entrance way is no coincidence. So let me get this straight, whenever somebody calls Floyd Mayweather out he has to retaliate. Now Big Show was probably not the one that should have said he was sorry but hey, who am I to judge? We are going to have a match with Floyd Mayweather versus the Big Show, one on one but we do not know what kind of match it will be. It will surely be at Wrestlemania but will it be a REAL boxing match? In any case, here is what happened at No Way Out:

And here is the episode that made it official, in some way, Floyd Mayweather versus the Big Show:

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Against All Odds 2008 - Abyss vs Judas Mesias

Now this was an interesting match at Against all Odds and it was one that TNA managed to build up to in an interesting way. Judas Mesias versus Abyss was a feud that probably ended here in quite a brutal match, Barbwire Massacre 2. This meant that the ring ropes did not exist anymore and they were replaced with barbwire. It is basically impossible not to get cut in such a match. Contrary to what I thought prior to the match, it was not Abyss that got most of the impact with the barbwire. This seemed logical as Abyss is dressed while Judas Mesias is naked and completely exposed to the damage possible after impact with the barbwire. On the other hand it was Judas Mesias who took most of the brutal shots in the match. We also got to see a lovely Black Hole Slam on James Mitchell, both of these guys' father in the storyline. There was a need for two Black Hole Slams for Abyss to defeat Judas Mesias and one of them was done on barbwire and we can only imagine the extent of the pain suffered. The match was pretty good, exactly what the fans expected from such a match, only the second one with its name in history. The first one saw Sabu compete against the same Abyss that won now. To make it all even more dramatic, Abyss did leave from a match with Scott Steiner recently and took off his mask without us seeing his face. Could it be that something will be changed with "The Monster" Abyss? Who knows... maybe he will even start wrestling under the name of Chris Parks now.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Rey Mysterio Injured

It seems that Rey Mysterio's journey towards the World Championship might have come to a complete stop. There is a big chance that he suffered from a severe injury in Santiago, Chile at Arena Santiago. Rey Mysterio competed in a tag team match with Kane as his partner and took on Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins. During the wrestling match Rey suffered an injury to his right bicep but he did continue the match and then was quickly examined by the WWE athletic trainer as he was leaving the ring.

Rey Mysterio is back in the US and he should be consulted by surgeon Dr. James Andrews, the one man that can tell him the extent of the injury. The problem is that Rey really wants to compete at No Way Out, where he should face Edge for the World Championship. Now the problem is such an injury will probably not make the doctor give the thumbs up for competing and any match with Edge is tough on the body. More news is expected soon but this is a blow to Rey's career and WWE. If Rey can not make it he will need to be replaced. Speculations are already high on this topic and a lot of people seem to be mentioning Kane.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chris Benoit Case Officially Closed

It is officially over for the Chris Benoit case. According to an official statement by the Fayette County Sheriff's Office in Georgia, the investigations linked with the killings of Chris Benoit, his wife and son are closed. It was concluded that the initial outcome outlined is the one that happened. This means that Benoit murdered his wife by strangling her with the use of a cord and a choke hold was utilized to kill his son. After that the wrestler hanged himself by using exercise equipment in his personal gym. Now the one big question that was not answered is whether or not steroids played a part in what happened. The medical examiner could not say if this was the case although a lot of suspicion exists on this topic. We do know that anabolic steroids were found in the home of Chris Benoit and tests done on his body showed that his testosterone levels were ten times the normal amount. The wrestler's personal doctor, Phil Astin, is currently facing federal charges of having prescribed medication in an improper fashion to 2 individuals other than Benoit. It is also expected that the doctor will receive more charges. It was Astin that prescribed Benoit a 10 month supply for Chris Benoit every 3 or 4 weeks for 1 year prior to the murder.

Now wrestling fans from around the world are divided when talking about Chris Benoit. A lot of fans of the wrestler have shown different people that hated Benoit and that might have killed him and his family. Now we need to realize that the official conclusion issued by the police is the one that is most likely accurate. The only thing that might have happened is a roid rage moment that came from anabolic steroids although it can not be proven. I was and still am a huge Chris Benoit fan and he should have been inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame for sure in the future although this will never happen now for sure. He still is one of the best wrestlers ever and he is an example for a lot of young wrestlers out there when talking about his career and life. Too bad this was the end of Chris Benoit as it should not have happened like this. Love him or hate him, he was and remains one of the best wrestlers ever. For those of you that want to watch it, here is a tribute video for Benoit, found on YouTube:

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Why Triple H Missed Raw Tapings

Triple H missed Raw's tapings this week and the official reason was a family emergency. We recently found out that his brother in law, Gordon Ouellette, died this weekend. This is sad news for his family and no details are available about what really happened. On the other hand, there are also some positive rumors on the Internet that say that Stephanie McMahon is pregnant in 4-5 weeks. This would be the second child that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have but this is still just rumor and no official statement was released concerning this.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Update on Bobby Lashley Leaving the WWE

Although Bobby Lashley did announce on the Internet that he is going to leave the WWE it seems that he still did not sign the release forms that were sent to him. This might be a very similar case to what happened with Brock Lesnar. Lashley did have a long term contract with the company and this might mean that if he asks to be released there might be a "no-compete clause" somewhere in there. If you are not aware, this would mean that Bobby Lashley would not be able to compete in other companies for a given time. This includes MMA, the company that Lashley wanted to work with. Many individuals think that this clause is what will get Lashley back in the WWE.

We still do not know why Lashley wants to leave the company but we might assume that it is because of his Wrestlemania fee. He did complain to the fact that he only made $250,000 dollars that night. A lot of people think that this is simply ungrateful from Bobby Lashley but we do need to think about the fact that his wrestling match against Umaga with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special referee and the whole Trump versus McMahon storyline is the one that brought in the biggest amount of money that night. Rumors also have it that some comments that Michael Hayes, head writer for Smackdown, made regarding Krystal Marshall. It seems that Bobby Lashley took the comments personal and this immediately led to a bad relationship with Hayes.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Brock Lesnar Speaks About Professional Wrestling

As we all know, Brock Lesnar does have an attitude problem when it comes to professional wrestling and most of his interviews said that he did not like WWE because it was not real enough. Well, he finally shows us a real interview now, speaking about pro wrestling, UFC and Kurt Angle. Brock Lesnar is a very big man and if he is serious about his training I do think that he can be very successful in UFC. On the other hand, he will fight a very good guy here so he will need a lot of luck and skill. Everybody can't wait to see whether or not Brock Lesnar can fight in UFC or not! We will soon see!

New Belt in TNA?

There are a lot of rumors going on in around the Internet saying that TNA is going to create a new belt. This would be a lower level belt, something that would be ranked under the World Title. We can basically say it would be similar to the WWE's Intercontinental title. A lot of people seem to want to create the new title in order to give promotion to the lower level superstars that are not going after the World Title. In my view this would be a very good idea because the talent we see in TNA is constantly growing and this means a lot of wrestlers are not receiving the push they should. Such a new title can aid in doing just that so a new belt in TNA would be great to see. It would be interesting to know its name though! What will the new belt be called?