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Monday, February 4, 2008

Update on Bobby Lashley Leaving the WWE

Although Bobby Lashley did announce on the Internet that he is going to leave the WWE it seems that he still did not sign the release forms that were sent to him. This might be a very similar case to what happened with Brock Lesnar. Lashley did have a long term contract with the company and this might mean that if he asks to be released there might be a "no-compete clause" somewhere in there. If you are not aware, this would mean that Bobby Lashley would not be able to compete in other companies for a given time. This includes MMA, the company that Lashley wanted to work with. Many individuals think that this clause is what will get Lashley back in the WWE.

We still do not know why Lashley wants to leave the company but we might assume that it is because of his Wrestlemania fee. He did complain to the fact that he only made $250,000 dollars that night. A lot of people think that this is simply ungrateful from Bobby Lashley but we do need to think about the fact that his wrestling match against Umaga with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special referee and the whole Trump versus McMahon storyline is the one that brought in the biggest amount of money that night. Rumors also have it that some comments that Michael Hayes, head writer for Smackdown, made regarding Krystal Marshall. It seems that Bobby Lashley took the comments personal and this immediately led to a bad relationship with Hayes.

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