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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Against All Odds 2008 - Abyss vs Judas Mesias

Now this was an interesting match at Against all Odds and it was one that TNA managed to build up to in an interesting way. Judas Mesias versus Abyss was a feud that probably ended here in quite a brutal match, Barbwire Massacre 2. This meant that the ring ropes did not exist anymore and they were replaced with barbwire. It is basically impossible not to get cut in such a match. Contrary to what I thought prior to the match, it was not Abyss that got most of the impact with the barbwire. This seemed logical as Abyss is dressed while Judas Mesias is naked and completely exposed to the damage possible after impact with the barbwire. On the other hand it was Judas Mesias who took most of the brutal shots in the match. We also got to see a lovely Black Hole Slam on James Mitchell, both of these guys' father in the storyline. There was a need for two Black Hole Slams for Abyss to defeat Judas Mesias and one of them was done on barbwire and we can only imagine the extent of the pain suffered. The match was pretty good, exactly what the fans expected from such a match, only the second one with its name in history. The first one saw Sabu compete against the same Abyss that won now. To make it all even more dramatic, Abyss did leave from a match with Scott Steiner recently and took off his mask without us seeing his face. Could it be that something will be changed with "The Monster" Abyss? Who knows... maybe he will even start wrestling under the name of Chris Parks now.


R. Planet said...

Well that's what the news sites are reporting now. Personally I think it sucks. Abyss is one of my main reasons to watch Impact every week.

Adrian said...

Well, it is hard to think about hardcore matches without Abyss in them but hey, the guy might even be tired. He did put his body on the line a lot of times there