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Friday, October 31, 2008

Is Vince McMahon Killing WWE?

Lately we had a lot of reports that are anti the WWE chairman. It seems that a lot of people are currently fed up and think that he is crazy. First on the list stands the WWE creative team. People that work there are being humiliated and inside sources have said that people are afraid when they have ideas because Vince starts yelling and humiliates them in front of co-workers. The general feeling backstage is that Vince McMahon has completely lost the touch with the WWE fans and this basically means that he does not know what he is doing. People started saying that he has to step down and let Triple H take care of the wrestling side of the business as he is much more in touch with the fans and properly understands what they want.

In the past we have been told that Vince McMahon keeps yelling in the headsets of the commentators and they end up cracking. Mick Foley did declare that this was one of the reasons why he left and other commentators also had problems with what was labeled by wrestling fans as "Vince's Headphones of Death".

The latest interesting fact about Vince McMahon is the fact that he held Chris Jericho responsible for RAW's rating drops. It seems that the chairman thinks that the wrestler did not play the character right because he insulted fans too much. According to Vince, Jericho had to be a complainer and whiner but not someone that would eventually take it out on the fans. It seems that this is exactly why Jericho lost the title in front of Batista. We heard that the original WWE plans were to see Chris as the champ till the end of December. In fact, that was the one wrestling match at Cyber Sunday that people did not expect to see end like that.

I would personally love to see Vince McMahon step down!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Scandal over John Cena's Entrance Theme

Now this is funny. It seems that M.O.P. is suing the WWE over John Cena's entrance theme. This is because their song, "Ante Up" features the same "BRRR Abado!" line as the wrestler's theme. It looks like the law suit asks for 150 thousand dollars and the destruction of the entrance theme. In the original song that part only appears once at the beginning and in Cena's song 3 times. As far as some people are saying, the official WWE music CDs do mention the featuring sample from M.O.P. but according to the band they did not sign the rights to the sample and the WWE actually found somebody else to sign, somebody that has no authority. It is funny to see the Cena haters and Cena lovers going at it. Well, you should know that you can suit over 2 seconds because it is the voice of the rappers. Now the law suit is on and they will surely settle it behind the scenes. Simple! Why the big fuss? In any case, let us listen to some music. Here is M.O.P.'s Ante Up:

And now John Cena's Time is Now:

Monday, October 27, 2008

Cyber Sunday 2008 - Triple H vs Jeff Hardy

OK, so this was a huge surprise and you have to wonder why this match happened. We already saw Triple H vs Jeff Hardy at No Mercy. That wrestling match was pretty good and this one was sure to be special as well although a triple threat match could have been more spectacular. We could have had the same entertainment with a plus of more moves seeing Kozlov. But, whether or not the votes were rigged will never be found out. Now we were in front of a match that saw too very popular wrestlers. The match before was great and this one needed to be better in order to be justified. In many aspects it was! The start was a little boring although fans that love technical wrestling will surely have loved it. What I loved was the fact that Jeff Hardy hit Triple H with two consecutive Whisper in the Winds. The same went for two attempts of the Swanton Bomb but only one connected and the second one met The Game's knees. Then Jeff went for the third one and it was reversed into a pedigree. Triple H retains the title and on the whole it was a really interesting match. I almost thought that the title was going to change hands but my pick for the match, Triple H, did win it.

MVP's Huge Losing Streak

Don't know if you noticed it or if you even care but MVP has been on a huge losing streak in the past few months. Even Funaki defeated him so we have to wonder what the creative team is doing with this wrestler. He is not really the most popular but he has been a US champion for quite a long time. There are also many boasts talking about that he is the most valuable wrestler here and stuff like that. This is in the shows but not in reality. Every time there is a need for a team to lose MVP gets pinned. I am seriously thinking about this guy's morale. He is not that bad of a wrestler and he is kind of technical but why is he the one that always get pinned? There is no wrestler alive that would like to be treated like that. Everyone needs to win once in a while and MVP is basically a jobber now. Turning from a very important member of the WWE roster into a complete jobber. He is surely not happy with this. I am also not buying into the whole highest paid performer on the SmackDown roster and I think that nobody believes this is reality. We might get to see an MVP without a wrestling job soon.

Cyber Sunday 2008 - Undertaker vs Big Show

OK! There is no secret that I like the Undertaker and that I found it pretty stupid to see the Dead Man lose a match against Big Show via Knock Out. I was hoping for a last man standing match and this is exactly what we got to see. Besides the fact that Vickie made a huge mistake in introducing the wrestling match, it was great to see the Undertaker back in the ring and I can not help wondering how his knee is holding out. He did seem to be limping a little and it would be a shame to see another Undertaker absence. In any case, the match was as big as we had hoped. Good old Dead Man got counted a lot of times, a lot more than you would expect. The highlight of the wrestling match was probably the choke slam delivered by Big Show that destroyed a commentator's table. This had one moment that was a little controversial. Undertaker did not get up till the 10 count but he was only merely getting up and it was only a 9 count. The end of the match was excessively boring. We basically saw Big Show hitting and Undertaker getting up every time after long counts. The real end to the match was kind of unexpected. We saw Undertaker using that previously banned submission move and Big Show was out. Unfortunately, I am quite curios to see what happens next as Undertaker does not really look 100%. In any case, this match was not even half as entertaining as the Edge vs Undertaker we saw at Summerslam.

Cyber Sunday 2008 - Matt Hardy vs Evan Bourne

Now this was one match that I really did expect and I can say that it has been a long time since I had such a wish to see an ECW match. We have the champ, Matt Hardy taking on a wrestler that I really hoped would have been put into the match. In this case, the wise choice was Evan Bourne and I already mentioned that I would love to see this wrestling match HERE. Now what can I say, this match was exactly what was needed. After a rather disappointing Kane vs Rey Mysterio earlier in the night we did want to see some real high-flying and we all knew Evan Bourne would deliver. I can not help wondering how a match between Rey Mysterio and Evan Bourne would turn out. In any case, let us get back to this ECW championship match at Cyber Sunday 2008. I think the two highlights of the wrestling match was the Standing Moonsault by Bourne and the missed Shooting Star Press, another move by Bourne. The one part of this match that was a little bad was the fact that Matt Hardy did not really do much. We all know that he is capable of a lot more but I think the WWE wanted to give Bourne even more boost. If things continue like this it should be a matter of time since Evan becomes the ECW champ. Matt Hardy won after a missed Shooting Star Press by Bourne and a strong Twist of Fate. I am looking forward to looking at Bourne more.

Cyber Sunday 2008 - Rey Mysterio vs Kane

Here is the continuation of one of the worst built feuds in the WWE in the last months. Let us think about it, we have 2 WWE wrestlers that are very popular and the creative team did not know what to do with their popularity. So let us put them together and choose the mask stuff, which has already been done. Now we had 3 options for this match, a No Holds Barred match, 2 out of 3 falls or a Falls Count Anywhere match. The result was No Holds Barred and this is what I was looking for. So, we had the classical wrestling match between the strong tall guy and the small high flyer. It was clear from the start that Rey Mysterio was going to win but it was interesting to see how that will happen. We saw chairs, steps, a stop sign a kendo stick and some weapons, basically everything we expected from a No Holds Barred Match. The end was a 619 combined with a nice looking springboard splash. The end was the only part that was exciting and the match was really short. We are talking about the opening wrestling match in the pay per view and then the commentators kept saying everything was an upset. Well it was not, everyone knew Rey was going to win.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

TNA Impact Video Game Sales are Horrible

As I expected, the sales for the TNA Impact Video Game are worse than Midway and TNA expected. It has been reported that Midway lost double the amount that they expected to during the 3rd quarter of sales. The company really hoped that this game will help them out and they actually canceled 2 licenses, although leaving this game on the market. The general feeling on the market is that the holiday shopping season will be crucial. If the sales will continue to be disappointing then the company might never do another TNA Impact game in the future. To make everything even worse, the game maker is struggling financially at the moment and they might be taken out of business soon. It looks so foolish of them to bet on a game like TNA Impact since it is clearly a lot worse than the THQ series launched on WWE. I am really dissapointed to be among those that have bought the TNA video game because it is such a dissapointment. Make sure that you look at all the reviews out there so that you will understand what I am saying. DO NOT BUY THE TNA IMPACT VIDEO GAME!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Kurt Angle DVD by TNA

It seems that TNA is going to release a new DVD, based on Kurt Angle. It will be called "Kurt Angle: Champion" and the official release date is November 25th. As far as I saw, the DVD will feature details about the life of Kurt Angle and his Olympic medal years. There are around 3 hours of special features and full matches. You will also get looks at behind the scenes moments and basically a look at Kurt Angle, one of the best wrestlers ever. We can not deny the skill that Kurt brings to the ring and he is truly one of the best wrestlers in the business today. He has been over 20 times a world champion and that says something. You can back order this DVD and I already did. It should be a really interesting one and it will be nice to learn more about Angle and his job combined with his personal life. Find out more information about Kurt Angle: Champion HERE.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Custom and Standard Plastic Components

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Matt Hardy Versus Evan Bourne at Cyber Sounday 2008

It seems like I am not the only one that would love to see a Matt Hardy versus Evan Bourne battle at WWE Cyber Sunday 2008. Even Matt would want to wrestle him. Out of the three choices we have (Evan Bourne, Finley and Mark Henry) we would definitely have the best match betwen Hardy and Bourne for sure. It was the current ECW Champ himself that wrote about the title defense at Cyber Sunday 2008 that Evan Bourne was the only one that he never wrestled. Out of the possible choices Hardy also said that this would be the best match and he also referred to it as a possible "show stealer".

In my personal view, Evan Bourne would be the right pick, even if I trully believe that Matt Hardy will retain the title no matter who he will wrestle. Finlay would be second and Henry only third. This is because both Bourne and Finlay can wrestle but it is Bourne's high flying style that is really entertaining. If you can, I suggest that you vote for Bourne as this would be a match that would be very interesting. It will probably not be that show stealer that the champ was talking about but it would really be spectacular for sure. I am also very happy with the push that Evan Bourne is receiving.

Ken Shamrock vs Frank Shamrock

Now this is something you do not hear about every day. It looks like there will soon be a huge brother versus brother match in MMA. This is definitely a best seller and it looks like both Frank Shamrock and Ken Shamrock have signed the contract to face each other in a real fight. The event will happen next year and according to Frank the contract is real and the fight will happen. This is truly something I never thought I was going to see. Shamrock versus Shamrock is really an incredible match and my money is on Frank through submission.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

TNA Changes Backstage

It seems that from now on there will be interesting changes backstage in TNA. Many wrestling fans did not really like the way things are going and according to inside information, from now on it will be TNA agents that decide the end of the wrestling matches. Since now they were just messengers between the TNA creative team and the wrestlers. Now they will be able to decide the end of the wrestling matches and this should add a different flair to the show. The general feeling backstage is that this is a very good move, especially since the endings that the agents have in mind are far better than what the creative team is thinking of. On the other hand, the storylines and the winners of the matches will still be decided by the creative team, exactly as it should be. I personally expect to see a lot better wrestling matches and especially match endings in TNA. This should spice up everything and maybe give the fans an extra reason to watch TNA.

Monday, October 13, 2008

TNA Bound For Glory 2008 Highlights

Let us think about what happened at Bound for Glory 2008. The first match was that Huge X Division match with the weird cage and escape through a hole at the top. Jay Lethal won it and although this match was really interesting it was not really that much special, I would have expected a whole lot more.

Then we had the one wrestling match that probably not a lot of people wanted to see in the Beautiful People and Cute Kip taking on that former Scott Steiner freak, ODB (which has a great gimmick) and Rhino. It was known from the start who would win. A simple gore and nothing really special with this match unfortunately.

After this a match for the X Division Championship. Sheik Abdul Bashir is not that great as an X division wrestler and the entire America versus Middle Eastern storyline is simply too much. The match was not bad but it was also not that entertaining. You would think that TNA would learn from the fact that they lost ratings during this type of matches. The addition of a sergeant introuducing Creed was also too much. As expected, Sheik won the match with a pin and a little cheating. Once again, nothing really special in this wrestling match. Next was the TNA Knockouts title match, a three way dance which was simply better than most women's matches but still something that the people did not really want to see. Unfortunately the women wrestling momentum is going down in TNA and the company does miss Gail Kim. Still, these women in the TNA knockout division can wrestle, as a difference from WWE's divas.

Now the Monster's Ball wrestling match for the Tag Team Titles was really impressive. I really thought that the inclusion of Steve McMichael will not be that great but it was a nice factor. We got to see a lot of "violence" and some pretty impressive moves. LAX was probably the team that was the most impressive and nobody really expected Hernandez to end up towards a table filled with tacs. Getting the pin on this wrestler is something that we would have not expected. Matt Morgan was also pretty interesting and Team 3D was, of course, entertaining. The highlight of the Monster's Ball was the fact that Abyss was put through a flaming table by Team 3D.

The wrestling match between AJ Styles, Christian Cage and Booker T looked like a filler from the start. The feud was not that well built and on the whole I do not think anyone except fans of these three thought they would see something interesting. Unfortunately my pick (AJ Styles) did not get to win and we saw an interesting end to this wrestling match. Probably the most impressive moments were when AJ Styles was flying and the end with the Christian finisher from the top rope and then Booker's axe kick from the top rope.

The Kurt Angle versus Jeff Jarrett match was very good. Jeff Jarrett looks like he is in a very good shape and he did perform some very interesting wrestling moves. Mick Foley got involved of course and we did see Mr. Socko again, although it might be that TNA is not allowed to say that so that copyright would not be infringed. Kurt Angle went for that huge moonsault he does, missed but that does not matter. This wrestling match was very good. We saw the guitar involved, Mick Foley acting as the special enforcer and on the whole a great match.

The main event was Sting vs Samoa Joe for the main title in TNA. The feud was not really that well built but we all thought that something special will happen. The match was not bad but the Monster's Ball and the Kurt Angle versus Jeff Jarrett matches were better. From the start we all thought that Sting was going to win and he won his past two Bound for Glory matches. After each wrestler hit the other's finisher we saw Kevin Nash appearing and he took the side of Sting. This was unexpected and it was a good enough ending. The one good move was Samoa Joe's move in the crowd as he jumped and landed on the stairs, it was pretty impressive and risky at the same time.

TNA Bound for Glory 2008 was a very good event but the truth is that it could have been a lot better. If it wasn't for those highlights that were incredible. We saw that Sting can still wrestle, no matter what others are saying and that Jeff Jarrett is in a great wrestling shape. Let us hope the next year will be better for TNA.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Forgotten Wrestlers - Big John Studd

Big John Studd is one professional wrestler that was forgotten and younger wrestling fans do not know much about him. His real name was John William Minton and was trained by well known legend of wrestling Killer Kowalski. Both of them started working together and Big John's first ever major title was the WWWF Tag Team title won in tag team with Kowalski. Both were then masked and members of a team called the Masked Executioners.

Big John Studd left the WWWF and eventually wrestled under different names like The Masked Superstar II, Captain USA and Chuck O'Connor. As time passed he had interesting feuds with Barry Windham, Sweet Brown Sugar and Dusty Rhodes. Some older wrestling fans will definitely remember his heel gimmick and the stretcher he brought to the ring. In 1982 Studd started a feud with NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair and would eventually turn towards the WWF. That was when he started a huge feud with the WWF World Champion of the time, Hulk Hogan. In the WWF of the time we saw the wrestler managed by Bobby Heenan and we noticed one of the most memorable feuds of John Studd's career against Andre the Giant. There was a huge tag team match that showed Andre the Giant's hair being shaved after the match and the end of the feud was huge. Big John Studd offered $15,000 to anyone that could body slam him and this eventually led to a match between John Studd and Andre the Giant at the first ever Wrestlemania. The highlight was Andre body slamming Studd and claiming the money while also winning the match. The feud with Andre the Giant was probably the best feud that Big John Studd had in his wrestling career.

Big John Studd also participated in the well known Wrestlemania 2 Over the top Battle royal match. Studd set his focus on eliminating William Perry but eventually was eliminated by the professional football player, after the wrestler eliminated him. The winner of that Battle Royal was Andre the Giant. After this match and a tag team run with King Kong Bundy, Studd did not appear in the WWF for around 3 years. Big John returned to feud against members of the Heenan family and he eventually won the Royal Rumble of 1989. Unfortunately this was the most important moment of the wrestler's career. After serving as a special referee for the match between Andre the Giant and Jake "The Snake" Roberts at Wrestlemania V he started to take time off and eventually had to retire because of problems caused by taking growth hormones. Big John Studd eventually died because of Hodgkin's disease and liver cancer in 1995.

In conclusion, I would like to point out the ending of the famous Body Slam match against Andre the Giant at the first ever Wrestlemania! Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Forgotten Wrestlers - Ivan Koloff

Ivan "The Russian Ber" Koloff was born as James Perras and he was not Russian at all. He was one of the most interesting professional wrestlers of his time and a lot of people have forgotten about him. The truth is that he was Canadian but his Russian character in wrestling is what made him famous around the world. Ever since he was little Perras was fascinated by wrestling and ended up joining the wrestling school of Jack Wentworth.

The wrestler, Ivan Koloff, made his debut in 1967. After that he went on to wrestle in most of the wrestling rings in the world and had a huge career for 31 years. The biggest moment of Ivan Koloff's wrestling career is considered to be the day in which he defeated Bruno Sammartino. That was hen he became the WWWF Heavyweight Champion, in 1971. The problem is that he lost the title quickly in front of Pedro Morales and the truth is that Ivan Koloff was just a transitional wrestler.

In the 80s Ivan Koloff had a lot of success in NWA and the Jim Crockett Promotions. That is where he aided the career of Nikita Koloff and had one of the best feuds of his career against Dusty Rhodes. On the whole, Ivan Koloff's career is well known for his feuds with the Rock 'n' Roll Express, the Road Warriors and Dusty Dhodes. One interesting fact you might have not known is that this professional wrestler also appeared in the first ever ECW show, back in 1992. Eventually Ivan Koloff retired and continued his work in a lot of charities. You might want to get your hands on his book, called "Is That Wrestling Fake? - The Bare Facts", quite an interesting book that wrestling fans from all over the world already love.

Ivan Koloff is well known for using some wrestling moves that include the classic bear hug, Cobra Clutch and Backbreaker as signature moves and some trademarks in the Russian Sickle (basically a Jumping Lariat) and the Diving Knee Drop.

Monday, October 6, 2008

WWE No Mercy 2008 - Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho

Now this match for the World Heavyweight Championship promised to be a great one and it sure was. In my view it was not the best match of the night as I did like Triple H vs Jeff Hardy more. On the other hand, the match was very good and it was a nice ending to the feud between these two highly entertaining wrestlers. The match at No Mercy will forever remain in history but not as the best ladder match of all time. It will stay in history as the match in which Chris Jericho lost one tooth. On one hit he did lose a tooth and got several others chipped. Yes, the blood at the end was not tricked and it was really coming out of Jericho's mouth. This match should show that wrestling is a tough business. A lot of professional wrestlers have wrestled while injured and have lost their teeth in the process. Now this match here at No Mercy was interesting and it did see the interference of Lance Cade. Shawn Michaels did deliver the Sweet Chin Music on him but after a head butt on the ladder Jericho took the title and remained the World Heavyweight Champion. Now it seems that the next high profile match for Jericho will be against Batista at Cyber Sunday and it will be interesting to see whether or not Shawn will take time off or will start a feud with Lance Cade.

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WWE No Mercy 2008 - Triple H vs Jeff Hardy

This was a match that should have been good. Triple H vs Jeff Hardy is something rare as both are loved by fans. Now the match was not good but it was very good. It has been a long time since I saw a wrestling match that saw Triple H in it that was that good. Both of the wrestlers put in an incredible showing and this match was definitely entertaining. We saw a lot of good moves, reversals and more. The problem is that Jeff Hardy did go through some problems and it was clear from the start that the WWE would not give him the title. Combine this with the fact that Triple H has a lot of influence backstage and it is clear that he would have won the match and remain the WWE title holder. The problem was not this but how the match would go. The result was very good and the ending was very thrilling. You basically got the Twist of Fate and then the Swanton Bomb delivered by Jeff Hardy. Triple H reversed the pin in another pin and got the win. It was quite a great end to a very good wrestling match that had technique, high flying and strength in it. Very good match and congratulations to both wrestlers! We also got to see Arn Anderson after the match backstage with Hunter. In case you did not know that spinebuster that Triple H uses was made famous by Arn Anderson and that is why you hear the commentators saying "that double A spinebuster". Then we had a show off between Triple H and Vladimir Kozlov. We will probably have a match between them at Cyber Sunday.

WWE No Mercy 2008 - Undertaker vs Big Show

This was a wrestling match that was sad for me. Ever since it started I knew that the Undertaker is going to lose. This was because he is injured and his knee is not working well. The entire feud Undertaker had with Edge was destroying for the Dead Man but he still gets back to the ring. Now the entrance of the Undertaker is always tremendous and we all know that. He did get a huge pop from the crowd and this is one wrestler that will leave an incredible legacy behind. The Undertaker started pretty well and that leg drop on the apron is always impressive to see. What was nice was to see Big Show on the ropes doing an interesting high risk move. The problem was that most of the match looked like a brawl and not a wrestling match. Both guys are pretty big but they can both wrestle and have good moves in their arsenal. The Undertaker hit an incredible DDT, one that looked so good when delivered against the Big Show. Now the ending of the match was stupid. Big Show won thanks to a KO thanks to three right hooks. How can you have a boxing ending in a wrestling match? In any case, Undertaker lost and will probably take a rest now to completely heal his knee.

WWE No Mercy 2008 - Kane vs Rey Mysterio

Kane vs Rey Mysterio was a match that I was not really looking to see although both Kane and Rey Mysterio are highly entertaining. The problem was the entire stipulation with the mask. I already said that Rey lost the mask against the NWO. You can see the match HERE. The problem was that there was not a good build up for such a thing. There are a lot of fans of the WWE that do not even know how important that mask is for a wrestler like Rey. That is why I saw Rey Mysterio as the winnner of this wrestling match. This was a classic high flyer versus strong brawler wrestler. The match did start in an entertaining manner. Kane with some strong moves and Rey Mysterio with some fast and high flying moves. Now the problem was not the wrestling match as it was really entertaining. The problem was the end. Why in the world would you get disqualified if you want Rey's mask that bad? Rey Mysterio won the match thanks to a disqualification and he keeps his mask. Isn't that a stupid ending? This is in case it is the ending or not! It might not be! Who knows? The match was pretty interesting but too bad of the ending!

WWE No Mercy 2008 - Mark Henry vs Matt Hardy

This was the opening match of No Mery 2008. We saw the underdog in the current champion, Matt Hardy, taking on The World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry. Before the match started my pick was Matt Hardy and we did see Henry's popularity dropping since he lost the title. Also, he might be strong but he is not such a great wrestler. Matt Hardy would have a lot better potential to help in rising the popularity of ECW. The wrestling match started with a complete domination by Mark Henry, pure size and strength. Matt Hardy then got the upper hand with a strong attack towards the legs. One huge highlight in the match was the Side Effect Matt gave Henry. It was pretty nice to see that move. Then the match continued and Henry tried to go for a special move, Hardy reversed it into a Twist of Fate and he won the match. I must say that the match was better then I expected and Henry did perform quite well. It was not a bad way to kick off No Mercy 2008.

Sting Vs Ric Flair in TNA?

A lot of people are hinting on the Internet that Flair will end up having a feud with Sting in TNA next year. As far as real information goes, Sting has a verbal agreement with TNA and nobody knows if he had signed a contract or if he will. Sting will surely not go to the WWE and this is safe enough for TNA management. Now Ric Flair does have a no compete contract with the WWE. This means he will not be able to compete until August 2009. Now you do realize that the chances of Ric Flair going to TNA are small, right? First off, we are talking about a WWE Hall of Famer. If he would compete in TNA it would be a major blow against WWE and this is well known. That would be exactly why they would try to bring in the wrestler with the biggest offer they could probably afford. Now I do not know if Flair has any interest in wrestling again. There is a big chance that he will not want this to happen. On the other hand we all remember the big matches against Sting and few people know that this one of the last matches in WCW was Flair vs Sting, a huge way to finish it all. We would all love to see such a feud in TNA but it will probably never happen and we need to be aware of this!

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Best Wrestling Entrances

I am trying to figure out what I think is the best entrance in wrestling. The truth is that there are a lot that I like and a lot are really special. I think the two entrances that I enjoyed the most along the years were the following ones. Motorhead playing Triple H's theme as an entrance:

And the Undertaker's entrance for his Wrestlemania match against Kane:

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Edge about Christian and Possible WWE Return

Brian Fritz recently held an interview with Edge. They talked about Christian Cage and the fact that he might return to the WWE. The wrestler said that he would like Cage to return to the WWE. The reasons given was that it would be very " ride together again" and that the WWE is where he should end his wrestling career. He also added that the two are always going to be friends. There are rumors that say that Cage would like to come back and end his wrestling career in the WWE and a lot of people think that he should. We all remember the times when Edge & Christian were together. These two wrestlers worked really well together and it was a pleasure to view them in action, no doubt about that. In my view the best gimmick these two had stood in The Brood, together with Gangrel. That fire entrance will forever be in my personal top 10 entrances ever. I actually remembered of a feud between The Undertaker's Ministry versus The Brood. It was quite a nice feud and this is one match from that feud, The Acolytes (with a Bradshaw that actually looked good if speaking about his body and wrestling moves) versus Gangrel & Edge, with Christian around the ring. It was quite a nice wrestling match that also saw the interference of Ken Shamrock:

Steve "Mongo" McMichaels in TNA

TNA is doing a lot of work with past WCW wrestlers. The latest news stands in Steve "Mongo" McMichael. It seems that he will be a guest referee in the upcoming Monsters Ball at the Bound for Glory Pay Per View. According to Dixie Carter he will have to maintain peace in the ring. Now the problem is that it has been a long time since Steve McMichael was a member of the IV Horsemen. He is a part of wrestling history but one has to wonder why is TNA bringing so many old wrestlers in the ring. I do not refer to age but to wrestling superstars of the past. Why isn't TNA focusing on the imense young talent they have? I do think the young wrestlers have a lot of talent and they should be promoved more. In any case, here is a match featuring Steve "Mongo" McMichaels versus Alex Wright (this was during the feud against Bill Goldberg, if you remember).

Designer Clothing

I was recently looking for some designer clothing online and I found this shop that is really interesting. I loved the fact that we are hit with 24/7 shopping and there are also some offers that you can take advantage of. We are talking about a lot of clothes that are designed by world famous designers. It is not just any shop you would go to and there is a huge chance that you do not have such a regular store in your area. Where can you get clothes labeled with Madison Marcus or Loeffler Randall, both in the same place? I am not a huge fan of some designers but I did find so many here that it was impossible not to find something I liked. The same goes for you as well. We might love professional wrestling but there is no sense in not looking good and dressing well, right? You get free ground shipping if you make an order of over $100 and I do have a feeling that you will spend over $100 as what you get is really high quality. Make sure that you take a look at the Sales category and you will be in for a treat if thinking about great offers. This includes clothes and accessories. I basically wanted to buy something styled for my girlfriend. I did find what I was looking for here so I do think that it is worth recommending, you might find what you want too!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jake "The Snake" Roberts Has Addiction Problems

There are several problems being reported with Jake "The Snake" Roberts. You might have heard that he appeared on September the 19th at an indy show drunk. We also found out that promoter Josh Morningstar (Indy Pro Wrestling) had problems with the legend wrestler. 5 days before the reported incident Roberts was picked up by Morningstar at the airport. It seems Jake was drunk then and he wanted cocaine and Vodka. When Roberts had to do the wrestling show he was so wasted that he could not have linked 2 words together. It was also reported that Jake asked African-American individuals in the crowd for cocaine. If all is true (and it surely looks like it), Jake "The Snake" Roberts is in a really bad condition at the moment. This is all too bad as he was a real personality in his life. With this in mind here is one tribute video for the wrestler, Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

WWE Kids Web Site Launched

This was actually pretty interesting as I just saw that a new web site called WWE Kids was launched. Although I am not exactly a kid I just had to visit it and I must say that it is quite a fun web site. I was happy that I got to see one video I wanted to see, the Batista Episode of WWE Rollin and there are quite some videos that you will love seeing on this web site. Now the truth is that some of the videos I saw are not actually for kids but hey, there is a kid in everybody.

The good news is that WWE Kids is tailored for your kids. There are profiles for all wrestlers and you can take a look at a lot of profiles designed for children. All is motivational and you can get a chance to take a look at profiles that are quite nice. Do not forget that you can also play some games and take a look at WWE wrestlers' photos. WWE kids is entertaining.

San Francisco Realtors

I recently needed to get a hold of some lists of realtors and I found out that the Internet is not that great. After going through a lot of sites that wanted to sell something I got to the Clicksmart directory and their list of San Francisco Realtors. I was amazed as this as exactly what I was looking for. I thought that I should recommend this resource to you as you never really know when you need to meet a good realtor and using the Clicksmart directory you can find lists of such individuals right where you are living. To make everything even better, these real estate agents you will find are among the best. They are sure to have completed at least 10 transactions in the past year and are only listed in this directory if they are high quality. I was also surprised to see that another list of realtors was also available in Adamsville Realtors, another region where the Clicksmart directory made my search a lot easier. After this episode I really need to recommend this resource for every single individual that needs such information.