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Sunday, October 26, 2008

TNA Impact Video Game Sales are Horrible

As I expected, the sales for the TNA Impact Video Game are worse than Midway and TNA expected. It has been reported that Midway lost double the amount that they expected to during the 3rd quarter of sales. The company really hoped that this game will help them out and they actually canceled 2 licenses, although leaving this game on the market. The general feeling on the market is that the holiday shopping season will be crucial. If the sales will continue to be disappointing then the company might never do another TNA Impact game in the future. To make everything even worse, the game maker is struggling financially at the moment and they might be taken out of business soon. It looks so foolish of them to bet on a game like TNA Impact since it is clearly a lot worse than the THQ series launched on WWE. I am really dissapointed to be among those that have bought the TNA video game because it is such a dissapointment. Make sure that you look at all the reviews out there so that you will understand what I am saying. DO NOT BUY THE TNA IMPACT VIDEO GAME!

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