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Monday, October 6, 2008

WWE No Mercy 2008 - Mark Henry vs Matt Hardy

This was the opening match of No Mery 2008. We saw the underdog in the current champion, Matt Hardy, taking on The World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry. Before the match started my pick was Matt Hardy and we did see Henry's popularity dropping since he lost the title. Also, he might be strong but he is not such a great wrestler. Matt Hardy would have a lot better potential to help in rising the popularity of ECW. The wrestling match started with a complete domination by Mark Henry, pure size and strength. Matt Hardy then got the upper hand with a strong attack towards the legs. One huge highlight in the match was the Side Effect Matt gave Henry. It was pretty nice to see that move. Then the match continued and Henry tried to go for a special move, Hardy reversed it into a Twist of Fate and he won the match. I must say that the match was better then I expected and Henry did perform quite well. It was not a bad way to kick off No Mercy 2008.

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