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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jake "The Snake" Roberts Has Addiction Problems

There are several problems being reported with Jake "The Snake" Roberts. You might have heard that he appeared on September the 19th at an indy show drunk. We also found out that promoter Josh Morningstar (Indy Pro Wrestling) had problems with the legend wrestler. 5 days before the reported incident Roberts was picked up by Morningstar at the airport. It seems Jake was drunk then and he wanted cocaine and Vodka. When Roberts had to do the wrestling show he was so wasted that he could not have linked 2 words together. It was also reported that Jake asked African-American individuals in the crowd for cocaine. If all is true (and it surely looks like it), Jake "The Snake" Roberts is in a really bad condition at the moment. This is all too bad as he was a real personality in his life. With this in mind here is one tribute video for the wrestler, Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

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