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Monday, October 6, 2008

Sting Vs Ric Flair in TNA?

A lot of people are hinting on the Internet that Flair will end up having a feud with Sting in TNA next year. As far as real information goes, Sting has a verbal agreement with TNA and nobody knows if he had signed a contract or if he will. Sting will surely not go to the WWE and this is safe enough for TNA management. Now Ric Flair does have a no compete contract with the WWE. This means he will not be able to compete until August 2009. Now you do realize that the chances of Ric Flair going to TNA are small, right? First off, we are talking about a WWE Hall of Famer. If he would compete in TNA it would be a major blow against WWE and this is well known. That would be exactly why they would try to bring in the wrestler with the biggest offer they could probably afford. Now I do not know if Flair has any interest in wrestling again. There is a big chance that he will not want this to happen. On the other hand we all remember the big matches against Sting and few people know that this one of the last matches in WCW was Flair vs Sting, a huge way to finish it all. We would all love to see such a feud in TNA but it will probably never happen and we need to be aware of this!

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