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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Edge about Christian and Possible WWE Return

Brian Fritz recently held an interview with Edge. They talked about Christian Cage and the fact that he might return to the WWE. The wrestler said that he would like Cage to return to the WWE. The reasons given was that it would be very " ride together again" and that the WWE is where he should end his wrestling career. He also added that the two are always going to be friends. There are rumors that say that Cage would like to come back and end his wrestling career in the WWE and a lot of people think that he should. We all remember the times when Edge & Christian were together. These two wrestlers worked really well together and it was a pleasure to view them in action, no doubt about that. In my view the best gimmick these two had stood in The Brood, together with Gangrel. That fire entrance will forever be in my personal top 10 entrances ever. I actually remembered of a feud between The Undertaker's Ministry versus The Brood. It was quite a nice feud and this is one match from that feud, The Acolytes (with a Bradshaw that actually looked good if speaking about his body and wrestling moves) versus Gangrel & Edge, with Christian around the ring. It was quite a nice wrestling match that also saw the interference of Ken Shamrock:

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