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Friday, October 31, 2008

Is Vince McMahon Killing WWE?

Lately we had a lot of reports that are anti the WWE chairman. It seems that a lot of people are currently fed up and think that he is crazy. First on the list stands the WWE creative team. People that work there are being humiliated and inside sources have said that people are afraid when they have ideas because Vince starts yelling and humiliates them in front of co-workers. The general feeling backstage is that Vince McMahon has completely lost the touch with the WWE fans and this basically means that he does not know what he is doing. People started saying that he has to step down and let Triple H take care of the wrestling side of the business as he is much more in touch with the fans and properly understands what they want.

In the past we have been told that Vince McMahon keeps yelling in the headsets of the commentators and they end up cracking. Mick Foley did declare that this was one of the reasons why he left and other commentators also had problems with what was labeled by wrestling fans as "Vince's Headphones of Death".

The latest interesting fact about Vince McMahon is the fact that he held Chris Jericho responsible for RAW's rating drops. It seems that the chairman thinks that the wrestler did not play the character right because he insulted fans too much. According to Vince, Jericho had to be a complainer and whiner but not someone that would eventually take it out on the fans. It seems that this is exactly why Jericho lost the title in front of Batista. We heard that the original WWE plans were to see Chris as the champ till the end of December. In fact, that was the one wrestling match at Cyber Sunday that people did not expect to see end like that.

I would personally love to see Vince McMahon step down!

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