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Monday, October 6, 2008

WWE No Mercy 2008 - Triple H vs Jeff Hardy

This was a match that should have been good. Triple H vs Jeff Hardy is something rare as both are loved by fans. Now the match was not good but it was very good. It has been a long time since I saw a wrestling match that saw Triple H in it that was that good. Both of the wrestlers put in an incredible showing and this match was definitely entertaining. We saw a lot of good moves, reversals and more. The problem is that Jeff Hardy did go through some problems and it was clear from the start that the WWE would not give him the title. Combine this with the fact that Triple H has a lot of influence backstage and it is clear that he would have won the match and remain the WWE title holder. The problem was not this but how the match would go. The result was very good and the ending was very thrilling. You basically got the Twist of Fate and then the Swanton Bomb delivered by Jeff Hardy. Triple H reversed the pin in another pin and got the win. It was quite a great end to a very good wrestling match that had technique, high flying and strength in it. Very good match and congratulations to both wrestlers! We also got to see Arn Anderson after the match backstage with Hunter. In case you did not know that spinebuster that Triple H uses was made famous by Arn Anderson and that is why you hear the commentators saying "that double A spinebuster". Then we had a show off between Triple H and Vladimir Kozlov. We will probably have a match between them at Cyber Sunday.

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