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Monday, October 13, 2008

TNA Bound For Glory 2008 Highlights

Let us think about what happened at Bound for Glory 2008. The first match was that Huge X Division match with the weird cage and escape through a hole at the top. Jay Lethal won it and although this match was really interesting it was not really that much special, I would have expected a whole lot more.

Then we had the one wrestling match that probably not a lot of people wanted to see in the Beautiful People and Cute Kip taking on that former Scott Steiner freak, ODB (which has a great gimmick) and Rhino. It was known from the start who would win. A simple gore and nothing really special with this match unfortunately.

After this a match for the X Division Championship. Sheik Abdul Bashir is not that great as an X division wrestler and the entire America versus Middle Eastern storyline is simply too much. The match was not bad but it was also not that entertaining. You would think that TNA would learn from the fact that they lost ratings during this type of matches. The addition of a sergeant introuducing Creed was also too much. As expected, Sheik won the match with a pin and a little cheating. Once again, nothing really special in this wrestling match. Next was the TNA Knockouts title match, a three way dance which was simply better than most women's matches but still something that the people did not really want to see. Unfortunately the women wrestling momentum is going down in TNA and the company does miss Gail Kim. Still, these women in the TNA knockout division can wrestle, as a difference from WWE's divas.

Now the Monster's Ball wrestling match for the Tag Team Titles was really impressive. I really thought that the inclusion of Steve McMichael will not be that great but it was a nice factor. We got to see a lot of "violence" and some pretty impressive moves. LAX was probably the team that was the most impressive and nobody really expected Hernandez to end up towards a table filled with tacs. Getting the pin on this wrestler is something that we would have not expected. Matt Morgan was also pretty interesting and Team 3D was, of course, entertaining. The highlight of the Monster's Ball was the fact that Abyss was put through a flaming table by Team 3D.

The wrestling match between AJ Styles, Christian Cage and Booker T looked like a filler from the start. The feud was not that well built and on the whole I do not think anyone except fans of these three thought they would see something interesting. Unfortunately my pick (AJ Styles) did not get to win and we saw an interesting end to this wrestling match. Probably the most impressive moments were when AJ Styles was flying and the end with the Christian finisher from the top rope and then Booker's axe kick from the top rope.

The Kurt Angle versus Jeff Jarrett match was very good. Jeff Jarrett looks like he is in a very good shape and he did perform some very interesting wrestling moves. Mick Foley got involved of course and we did see Mr. Socko again, although it might be that TNA is not allowed to say that so that copyright would not be infringed. Kurt Angle went for that huge moonsault he does, missed but that does not matter. This wrestling match was very good. We saw the guitar involved, Mick Foley acting as the special enforcer and on the whole a great match.

The main event was Sting vs Samoa Joe for the main title in TNA. The feud was not really that well built but we all thought that something special will happen. The match was not bad but the Monster's Ball and the Kurt Angle versus Jeff Jarrett matches were better. From the start we all thought that Sting was going to win and he won his past two Bound for Glory matches. After each wrestler hit the other's finisher we saw Kevin Nash appearing and he took the side of Sting. This was unexpected and it was a good enough ending. The one good move was Samoa Joe's move in the crowd as he jumped and landed on the stairs, it was pretty impressive and risky at the same time.

TNA Bound for Glory 2008 was a very good event but the truth is that it could have been a lot better. If it wasn't for those highlights that were incredible. We saw that Sting can still wrestle, no matter what others are saying and that Jeff Jarrett is in a great wrestling shape. Let us hope the next year will be better for TNA.

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