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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Scandal over John Cena's Entrance Theme

Now this is funny. It seems that M.O.P. is suing the WWE over John Cena's entrance theme. This is because their song, "Ante Up" features the same "BRRR Abado!" line as the wrestler's theme. It looks like the law suit asks for 150 thousand dollars and the destruction of the entrance theme. In the original song that part only appears once at the beginning and in Cena's song 3 times. As far as some people are saying, the official WWE music CDs do mention the featuring sample from M.O.P. but according to the band they did not sign the rights to the sample and the WWE actually found somebody else to sign, somebody that has no authority. It is funny to see the Cena haters and Cena lovers going at it. Well, you should know that you can suit over 2 seconds because it is the voice of the rappers. Now the law suit is on and they will surely settle it behind the scenes. Simple! Why the big fuss? In any case, let us listen to some music. Here is M.O.P.'s Ante Up:

And now John Cena's Time is Now:

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