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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Steve "Mongo" McMichaels in TNA

TNA is doing a lot of work with past WCW wrestlers. The latest news stands in Steve "Mongo" McMichael. It seems that he will be a guest referee in the upcoming Monsters Ball at the Bound for Glory Pay Per View. According to Dixie Carter he will have to maintain peace in the ring. Now the problem is that it has been a long time since Steve McMichael was a member of the IV Horsemen. He is a part of wrestling history but one has to wonder why is TNA bringing so many old wrestlers in the ring. I do not refer to age but to wrestling superstars of the past. Why isn't TNA focusing on the imense young talent they have? I do think the young wrestlers have a lot of talent and they should be promoved more. In any case, here is a match featuring Steve "Mongo" McMichaels versus Alex Wright (this was during the feud against Bill Goldberg, if you remember).

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