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Monday, October 27, 2008

Cyber Sunday 2008 - Undertaker vs Big Show

OK! There is no secret that I like the Undertaker and that I found it pretty stupid to see the Dead Man lose a match against Big Show via Knock Out. I was hoping for a last man standing match and this is exactly what we got to see. Besides the fact that Vickie made a huge mistake in introducing the wrestling match, it was great to see the Undertaker back in the ring and I can not help wondering how his knee is holding out. He did seem to be limping a little and it would be a shame to see another Undertaker absence. In any case, the match was as big as we had hoped. Good old Dead Man got counted a lot of times, a lot more than you would expect. The highlight of the wrestling match was probably the choke slam delivered by Big Show that destroyed a commentator's table. This had one moment that was a little controversial. Undertaker did not get up till the 10 count but he was only merely getting up and it was only a 9 count. The end of the match was excessively boring. We basically saw Big Show hitting and Undertaker getting up every time after long counts. The real end to the match was kind of unexpected. We saw Undertaker using that previously banned submission move and Big Show was out. Unfortunately, I am quite curios to see what happens next as Undertaker does not really look 100%. In any case, this match was not even half as entertaining as the Edge vs Undertaker we saw at Summerslam.

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