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Monday, October 27, 2008

Cyber Sunday 2008 - Triple H vs Jeff Hardy

OK, so this was a huge surprise and you have to wonder why this match happened. We already saw Triple H vs Jeff Hardy at No Mercy. That wrestling match was pretty good and this one was sure to be special as well although a triple threat match could have been more spectacular. We could have had the same entertainment with a plus of more moves seeing Kozlov. But, whether or not the votes were rigged will never be found out. Now we were in front of a match that saw too very popular wrestlers. The match before was great and this one needed to be better in order to be justified. In many aspects it was! The start was a little boring although fans that love technical wrestling will surely have loved it. What I loved was the fact that Jeff Hardy hit Triple H with two consecutive Whisper in the Winds. The same went for two attempts of the Swanton Bomb but only one connected and the second one met The Game's knees. Then Jeff went for the third one and it was reversed into a pedigree. Triple H retains the title and on the whole it was a really interesting match. I almost thought that the title was going to change hands but my pick for the match, Triple H, did win it.

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