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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

JBL - Worst Person of the Year

On MSNBC, on the last edition of "Countdown with Keith Olberman" we saw that WWE superstar wrestler, John Bradshaw Layfield has been named the "Worst Person in the World". One would have you think that this is simply bad publicity (which should be good publicity in a normal case) due to what he did to small little illegitimate son of McMahon and real son of Finlay. Well, JBL's new title, which should not be associated with the Times Magazine "Man of the year" (Title that JBL also received) is linked with his claim that the new "Mamajuana Energy" energy drink is the equivalent to "liquid viagra". One can claim all that he wants but it seems that various physicians have proven that JBL's claims were completely false. Well, JBL, the Worst Person of the Year!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Kevin Nash: Working for WWE "A Miserable Existance"

Kevin Nash is very well known in wrestling and he did have a lot of memorable moments in this sport. We all know that he now works for TNA and he was a part of the WWE as well and WCW. Now, in a recent interview that Kevin Nash gave the Daytona News-Journal he compared the experiences of working with the WWE and TNA. When asked how it is like to work for the WWE, Nash said that it is "A Miserable Existence". The wrestler praised TNA president Dixie Carter by saying that Dixie and the individuals that currently run TNA have a different philosophy when compared with the WWE. Pressure is less and the working environment is better on the whole. Nash also stated that Dixie Carter cares for the wrestlers and wants them to be healthy.

A lot of wrestlers that left the WWE are lashing out at them and the ones that have left TNA (even if in favor of WWE) did not say bad things about the company they left. Could it be that the WWE is not treating its wrestlers properly? This does seem to be a reality at the moment and this is something that is not good for both the wrestlers and the company as fans also care about the wrestlers.

Bald TNA Knockouts?

This is truly going to be interesting and I do think that it is a first for Women's Wrestling. It looks like the TNA Knockouts will participate in what was labeled as a "Makeover Battle Royal" at the TNA pay per view, Sacrifice. The last two wrestlers will be involved in a ladder match and the female wrestler that wins is the one that grabs the Women's Title shot contract by climbing the ladder, of course. What is extremely funny, interesting and worth to watch at the same time is the fact that the loser will get what was called a "Britney Spears Makeover". NO, she will not have to dress weird and gain a lot of weight, the loser of the ladder wrestling match will have her head shaved bald. Oh YES! We are going to have a bald Knockout!

Now it does not really matter what wrestler will be chosen (and will accept) to be shaved bald. The fact is TNA is really promoting the female division, something that can not be said about the WWE. I mean, TNA is looking for female wrestlers that can compete in a wrestling match and not do so much ballet like the WWE divas.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jeff Hardy's return date announced

I don't really know if this was planned or not by the WWE (in the sense of leaking a return date for the wrestler) but Jeff Hardy is currently scheduled to wrestle on the RAW house show in Las Cruces, New Mexico, which will take place on the 20th of June. Jeff Hardy was suspended on March 11st for 60 days due to violating the Wellness Policy of the WWE for the second time. The house show will also see John Cena fighting Randy Orton for the WWE Championship (you know what that means), DX versus Umaga and Snitsky, Jeff Hardy versus Lance Cade, Mr. Kennedy versus Chris Jericho (for the Intercontinental Title) and Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes versus Santino Marella and Carlito (for the World Tag Team Championship).

Monday, April 7, 2008

2 Year Old Death Linked to Wrestling

Now this is one stupid piece of wrestling linked news. East St. Louis police are currently investigating the death of a 2 year old boy that is suspicious. It seems like the 4 year old brother was acting like a professional WWE wrestler and the mother was not aware of what was happening as she was taking a shower. When the mother got out she saw her 2 year old son laid out on the floor. According to both her and the police, the 4 year old said that he was acting like a WWE wrestler. It does seem like the kid was watching wrestling on Friday nights and he allegedly choked his own brother with a curtain. The mother claims that exposure to professional wrestling played a huge part in the murder. I say that the mother (and father - if he exists) is stupid. How can you leave a 4 year old watch professional wrestling? He can not realize that it is all acting and we are dealing with fighting that is not real. A 4 year old should not be left watching professional wrestling as you can be sure that he will try what he sees. This is the truth and in my view the parents are responsible for the boy's death and not professional wrestling or the WWE.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ric Flair versus Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 24

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Ric Flair had to end his career in style and this is what happened at Wrestlemania 24. He was inducted in the Hall of Fame of the WWE and got to wrestle against Shawn Michaels, the man that was chosen to end Ric Flair's career. There was no doubt about the fact that he was going to lose but what everyone wondered was how it was going to happen. We got to see a much better match than most people expected. Ric Flair delivered some interesting wrestling moves including a flying crossbody. The figure 4 leg lock did come into play of course, a lot of WOOOOOO chops, 2 moonsaults outside the ring by Michaels, a nice low blow by Ric Flair, Sweet Chin Music and a whole lot more. The end of the match was the one that was truly touching as Shawn Michaels delivered a second Sweet Chin Music to a stunned Flair. Prior to the finisher we could lip read Michaels saying "I'm sorry, I love you!" and then the move, the pin and Shawn near the body of Ric Flair looking destroyed of having ended Ric Flair's career. Then Ric Flair got up, looking at the crowd, everybody was applauding and he was almost crying. He probably did actually cry and you can only imagine what he felt since wrestling was his life and still is. His family was also ring side, one of his sons was crying. Ric Flair's career is truly huge and the ending was also huge, as it should have been. Congratulations Ric Flair and may your son be at least as successful as you were in the world of professional wrestling.

Trish Stratus and the Bunny Mania match at Wrestlemania 24

We all saw the bunny match at Wrestlemania 24. Some people loved it while I am sure that most of them did not due to the fact that we are basically dealing with a promo match for Playboy and not wrestling in the women's division. Beth Phoenix is currently the WWE women's champion and had to compete in a Bunny Mania Match at Wrestlemania. SHe got the pin but it was all simply publicity. Snoop Dogg was also involved, got to do a clothesline on Santino and kiss Maria, the newest addition to the WWE divas that posed naked for Playboy magazine. It does look like the WWE storyline writers are not doing much for the women's division and during Bunny Mania Maria did get the pin (looked like she will get the pin) on Beth Phoenix but Santino interfered. Jerry Lawler also had a punch in the face of Santino moment and we also had a power surge that left the entire Bunny Mania match without power. Luckily for the WWE that their backup system worked well.

Regarding the Bunny Mania match at Wrestlemania 24, Trish Stratus also commented in an interview she had for Fight Network Radio. She openly lashed out at the fact that when she was women's champion she had a storyline and she did not have to compete in a Bunny match, which is basically a tag team wrestling match but with the other divas as lumberjacks. It does seem like Melina is also upset with the Bunny Mani match but hey, Snoop Dogg and Playboy must have been satisfied with this. Too bad WWE is only focusing on great bodies for women and not on wrestling like TNA does.