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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bald TNA Knockouts?

This is truly going to be interesting and I do think that it is a first for Women's Wrestling. It looks like the TNA Knockouts will participate in what was labeled as a "Makeover Battle Royal" at the TNA pay per view, Sacrifice. The last two wrestlers will be involved in a ladder match and the female wrestler that wins is the one that grabs the Women's Title shot contract by climbing the ladder, of course. What is extremely funny, interesting and worth to watch at the same time is the fact that the loser will get what was called a "Britney Spears Makeover". NO, she will not have to dress weird and gain a lot of weight, the loser of the ladder wrestling match will have her head shaved bald. Oh YES! We are going to have a bald Knockout!

Now it does not really matter what wrestler will be chosen (and will accept) to be shaved bald. The fact is TNA is really promoting the female division, something that can not be said about the WWE. I mean, TNA is looking for female wrestlers that can compete in a wrestling match and not do so much ballet like the WWE divas.

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