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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Trish Stratus and the Bunny Mania match at Wrestlemania 24

We all saw the bunny match at Wrestlemania 24. Some people loved it while I am sure that most of them did not due to the fact that we are basically dealing with a promo match for Playboy and not wrestling in the women's division. Beth Phoenix is currently the WWE women's champion and had to compete in a Bunny Mania Match at Wrestlemania. SHe got the pin but it was all simply publicity. Snoop Dogg was also involved, got to do a clothesline on Santino and kiss Maria, the newest addition to the WWE divas that posed naked for Playboy magazine. It does look like the WWE storyline writers are not doing much for the women's division and during Bunny Mania Maria did get the pin (looked like she will get the pin) on Beth Phoenix but Santino interfered. Jerry Lawler also had a punch in the face of Santino moment and we also had a power surge that left the entire Bunny Mania match without power. Luckily for the WWE that their backup system worked well.

Regarding the Bunny Mania match at Wrestlemania 24, Trish Stratus also commented in an interview she had for Fight Network Radio. She openly lashed out at the fact that when she was women's champion she had a storyline and she did not have to compete in a Bunny match, which is basically a tag team wrestling match but with the other divas as lumberjacks. It does seem like Melina is also upset with the Bunny Mani match but hey, Snoop Dogg and Playboy must have been satisfied with this. Too bad WWE is only focusing on great bodies for women and not on wrestling like TNA does.

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