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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ric Flair versus Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 24

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Ric Flair had to end his career in style and this is what happened at Wrestlemania 24. He was inducted in the Hall of Fame of the WWE and got to wrestle against Shawn Michaels, the man that was chosen to end Ric Flair's career. There was no doubt about the fact that he was going to lose but what everyone wondered was how it was going to happen. We got to see a much better match than most people expected. Ric Flair delivered some interesting wrestling moves including a flying crossbody. The figure 4 leg lock did come into play of course, a lot of WOOOOOO chops, 2 moonsaults outside the ring by Michaels, a nice low blow by Ric Flair, Sweet Chin Music and a whole lot more. The end of the match was the one that was truly touching as Shawn Michaels delivered a second Sweet Chin Music to a stunned Flair. Prior to the finisher we could lip read Michaels saying "I'm sorry, I love you!" and then the move, the pin and Shawn near the body of Ric Flair looking destroyed of having ended Ric Flair's career. Then Ric Flair got up, looking at the crowd, everybody was applauding and he was almost crying. He probably did actually cry and you can only imagine what he felt since wrestling was his life and still is. His family was also ring side, one of his sons was crying. Ric Flair's career is truly huge and the ending was also huge, as it should have been. Congratulations Ric Flair and may your son be at least as successful as you were in the world of professional wrestling.

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