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Monday, April 7, 2008

2 Year Old Death Linked to Wrestling

Now this is one stupid piece of wrestling linked news. East St. Louis police are currently investigating the death of a 2 year old boy that is suspicious. It seems like the 4 year old brother was acting like a professional WWE wrestler and the mother was not aware of what was happening as she was taking a shower. When the mother got out she saw her 2 year old son laid out on the floor. According to both her and the police, the 4 year old said that he was acting like a WWE wrestler. It does seem like the kid was watching wrestling on Friday nights and he allegedly choked his own brother with a curtain. The mother claims that exposure to professional wrestling played a huge part in the murder. I say that the mother (and father - if he exists) is stupid. How can you leave a 4 year old watch professional wrestling? He can not realize that it is all acting and we are dealing with fighting that is not real. A 4 year old should not be left watching professional wrestling as you can be sure that he will try what he sees. This is the truth and in my view the parents are responsible for the boy's death and not professional wrestling or the WWE.

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