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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Kevin Nash: Working for WWE "A Miserable Existance"

Kevin Nash is very well known in wrestling and he did have a lot of memorable moments in this sport. We all know that he now works for TNA and he was a part of the WWE as well and WCW. Now, in a recent interview that Kevin Nash gave the Daytona News-Journal he compared the experiences of working with the WWE and TNA. When asked how it is like to work for the WWE, Nash said that it is "A Miserable Existence". The wrestler praised TNA president Dixie Carter by saying that Dixie and the individuals that currently run TNA have a different philosophy when compared with the WWE. Pressure is less and the working environment is better on the whole. Nash also stated that Dixie Carter cares for the wrestlers and wants them to be healthy.

A lot of wrestlers that left the WWE are lashing out at them and the ones that have left TNA (even if in favor of WWE) did not say bad things about the company they left. Could it be that the WWE is not treating its wrestlers properly? This does seem to be a reality at the moment and this is something that is not good for both the wrestlers and the company as fans also care about the wrestlers.

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