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Thursday, July 24, 2008

My View on The Great American Bash

The Great American Bash is one pay per view that did get the public quite ecstatic. Although I must admit I am starting to like the TNA pay per views more, WWE can not really be left out due to the fact that they do have the money to back such events and they do have some interesting wrestlers that can deliver, although not always as they are not allowed to do as much as in TNA. Let us think about The Great American Bash 2008 and see what happened.

First off we had a match for the WWE Tag Team Championship. It was about time that John Morrison and The Miz lost those titles. Really, the entire tag team division of the WWE turned to worthlessness. Finlay and his son can not really be considered a great tag team. The little guy may be entertaining but that's about it. We then had Hawkings and Ryder plus the team of Jesse and Festus. I thought that maybe Jesse and Festus would get this one as Festus has an interesting style. Well, it was not really like that but it was Festus that basically cleared the ring and then Hawkings and Ryder picked up the win. Not a great match though.

Not a bad pay per view from the WWE but I do think that there is something missing and maybe a change would be needed in the WWE as I see it losing ground in front of TNA.

The next match saw Matt Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin for the US title. I was expecting a Matt Hardy win, although the match should have been more aerial with a lot more high risk moves but hey it was not. Shelton Benjamin won it, the new US title holder and again my favorite in the match was not awarded the win by WWE writers. The match was not that bad but it could have been a lot better in my view. Hardy's missed moonsault did not look that good.

Then we had Mark Henry vs Tommy Dreamer. Well, Mark Henry is not a favorite of mine, I did not want him to win but it was obvious that he will. Tommy Dreamer on the other hand is already quite a legend when talking about ECW and the ECW title could easily be around his waist. It was quite unexpected that Tommy Dreamer lost thanks to an interference by his student. Not a bad idea but the match in itself was not that spectacular, just like any match with Mark Henry.

Then a nice grudge match, so to say, Chris Jericho versus Shawn Michaels. Now this was a match I wanted to see although the entire eye injury idea for Shawn Michaels is kind of stupid. Both wrestlers are very good and good when talking about entertainment also. Two great wrestlers that did go for a battle here. Lance Cade interfered, of course, but it is sad to see that no help for Shawn Michaels was present. On the other hand Michaels did execute some of the rare wrestling moves including the moonsault to the outside taking out both Jericho and Lance Cade. There was too much blood on Shawn's face at the end and the ending, a referee decission of Jericho winning as Michaels can not continue was not what the fans wanted for sure. On the other hand the effect was there and the fans did look like they liked it and we are talking about entertainment in the world of wrestling.

The divas match should not even be mentioned as wrestling wise I really do not watching the divas, I do not really know why but I simply do not enjoy the Divas in WWE. Michelle McCool won via submission with a heel hook after Natalya also went for submission. Wrestling wise the match was much better than a lot of wrestling matches between women we previously saw in the WWE.

The next match was for the World Heavyweight Championship, title holder CM Punk versus Batista. I expected Punk to win it but with a domination of Batista. CM Punk's kicks were quite interesting and Batista's strength moves were also well delivered. The contrast in styles between the two wrestlers was the main factor that made the match interesting. We also saw a huge spinebuster on the outside and then a no contest for the World title. Kane interfered and laid out both wrestlers. That was not great. The match was not bad at all, quite good and saw Batista heading for a win and we should have had a finish to the match.

Now we also had a NY City parking lot brawl between John Cena and JBL. HMMMM, let us say that this was not great from my point of view. I like watching wrestling matches not simulated street fights as they always look like not real. At least the wrestling matches are more spectacular due to the moves you can perform in the ring and even right outside it. Parking lot brawl is never that spectacular, not to mention the fact that it is kind of dangerous. JBL won it after Cena seemed to win it with ease. Short but intense, not bad but still not my favorite type of match. We hope the feud will continue due to the fact that it was kind of well built with the interferences of Cryme Time and all.

The main event was what we all wanted to see from my point of view. I was expecting an Edge win so that he would re-become the champ and continue the feud with The Undertaker soon but it does look like The Undertaker will not be back as fast as I would like him to. On the other hand, Triple H versus Edge is a good feud as both wrestlers are good when talking about entertainment, guts and wrestling skills. The entire storyline is long and Vickie is involved. I really want to know where this whole thing goes in the future. The Game won the match only after Vickie tried to attack Edge and that wedding planner interfered only to get Edge to miss a spear and land it on Vickie. Pedigree and then the win for the Game.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Anniversary 2008 - WWC's Biggest Event of the Year

WWC's biggest show of the year recently took place. We are talking about Anniversary 2008, an event that showed a lot of interesting wrestling. The main event was a Teacher versus student match between Carlito and Ray Gonzalez, a match that Carlito lost. The ending was interesting as Carlito did shake Gonzalez' hand and called him a good teacher only to deliver the Back Stabber seconds later and spitting the trademark apple in his face. Trevor Murdoch also worked on this show although he was recently released by the WWE. He lost to Carlito's brother, Eddie Colon. Another interesting match saw TNA superstar Rhino losing to none other than Bobby Lashley, quite an interesting match.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

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