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Monday, October 20, 2008

Matt Hardy Versus Evan Bourne at Cyber Sounday 2008

It seems like I am not the only one that would love to see a Matt Hardy versus Evan Bourne battle at WWE Cyber Sunday 2008. Even Matt would want to wrestle him. Out of the three choices we have (Evan Bourne, Finley and Mark Henry) we would definitely have the best match betwen Hardy and Bourne for sure. It was the current ECW Champ himself that wrote about the title defense at Cyber Sunday 2008 that Evan Bourne was the only one that he never wrestled. Out of the possible choices Hardy also said that this would be the best match and he also referred to it as a possible "show stealer".

In my personal view, Evan Bourne would be the right pick, even if I trully believe that Matt Hardy will retain the title no matter who he will wrestle. Finlay would be second and Henry only third. This is because both Bourne and Finlay can wrestle but it is Bourne's high flying style that is really entertaining. If you can, I suggest that you vote for Bourne as this would be a match that would be very interesting. It will probably not be that show stealer that the champ was talking about but it would really be spectacular for sure. I am also very happy with the push that Evan Bourne is receiving.

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