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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Custom and Standard Plastic Components

There are not many people that can deal properly with creating plastic parts. This is one material that has long been forgotten so any time you find a good manufacturer you should jump on the occasion to do so. I would like to recommend one web site that is very interesting when talking about. This site is the Internet home of Slide Ways, one company that has been in business since 1994. The experience edge they have is translated in a good combination of customers and a world wide known brand. This company can basically create any plastic part you would need. Materials that they can use are many and include Nylon, Acetal, UHMW-E, PTFE and there are even special materials that are worth mentioning including PVC, UTEM, Peek or Torlon. Slide Ways has been manufacturing SlideTrax, plastic extrusions, conveyor systems, belt guides and basically anything you can think of.

Make sure that you visit this web site in the event that you will require any possible plastic piece and you are having trouble finding it. Make sure that you download their online catalog so that you know exactly what you are dealing with and if you need something special you can ask for a price quote so that you will see whether or not it works for you to purchase from the company. I do recommend that you consider them so that you will be able to work with one company that has both prestige and the reputation needed. I am very sure that you will be satisfied with what is offered. There are not many companies that have the capacities that Slide Ways currently has. They can basically do anything you need and this is always something very special. No matter the size of the needed piece, you will get it here!

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