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Monday, October 27, 2008

MVP's Huge Losing Streak

Don't know if you noticed it or if you even care but MVP has been on a huge losing streak in the past few months. Even Funaki defeated him so we have to wonder what the creative team is doing with this wrestler. He is not really the most popular but he has been a US champion for quite a long time. There are also many boasts talking about that he is the most valuable wrestler here and stuff like that. This is in the shows but not in reality. Every time there is a need for a team to lose MVP gets pinned. I am seriously thinking about this guy's morale. He is not that bad of a wrestler and he is kind of technical but why is he the one that always get pinned? There is no wrestler alive that would like to be treated like that. Everyone needs to win once in a while and MVP is basically a jobber now. Turning from a very important member of the WWE roster into a complete jobber. He is surely not happy with this. I am also not buying into the whole highest paid performer on the SmackDown roster and I think that nobody believes this is reality. We might get to see an MVP without a wrestling job soon.

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