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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

History Repeats Itself for Rey Mysterio

I can not believe it that the WWE is using Rey Mysterio's mask again. He is at the moment scheduled for a match against Kane at No Mercy and the special stipulation added is that if he loses the match he will need to remove his mask. Well, those of us that have loved wrestling for a long time already know how Rey Mysterio looks without a mask. He already lost his mask once in a tag team match besides Konnan versus Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. This was the time when WCW had the Red & Black NWO Wolfpack. The entire storyline seems so far fetched for me and I do not like one bit the fact that they are playing around with Rey's mask again. That mask means something in the world of professioanl wrestling. They would better off add a stipulation that if Rey loses he takes off his mask and if he wins Kane would need to put his mask back on. Kane does deserve a big push and the masked Kane was such a delight to see. In any case, if you want to see Rey unmasked you could do a search on YouTube. There are so many pics of him without a mask. I am also adding the video of the end of the wrestling match where he lost the mask in WCW. Enjoy Rey Mysterio without a mask without having to watch No Mercy. I sure hope he does not lose the mask and if he does it better be for a good continuation.

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