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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ted Dibiase Jr and The Undertaker's Wrestlemania Streak

Now this is something that I really do not like and I do hope that it will not come to this. It seems that there are big plans in the backstage area of the WWE to make something huge happen with the Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak. Inside sources said that Vince wants to use the Dead Man's streak to establish a huge up and coming superstar. Check this out! The one person he thought about was Ted Dibiase Jr. Still, it is highly not likely that the Undertaker will lose the next Wrestlemania and all would depend on how Ted Dibiase Jr. evolves. It looks like VInce does want to turn the young wreslter in a new Randy Orton. It would be a Ted vs Taker feud linked with Ted Dibiase Sr. and the fact that he brought him to the WWE.

I personally hope that this would not happen and I think I am not alone in thinking that The Undertaker should have no loses at Wrestlemania until he retires. Retire the Undertaker at Wrestlemania or leave the streak alone. He will probably be inducted in the Hall of Fame but this streak is something that will forever remain as the legend that is the Undertaker.

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Levelselect said...

wow I'm late on a response. But my thoughts on Taker being used to put Ted Jr over is somewhat like this.

Though in my view, Taker should keep the Streak, but ultimately retire as champion in his last match at Survivor Series, which would bring his story to a close.

My idea is to have Ted Jr, build up a whole Conspiracy against Taker, getting the whole locker room even some faces to help end the Career of the Undertaker to better the future of the Business.

The reason I say Taker should retire as champion is because his story is to never rest in peace until he has the title. Well if he loses it, he'll reawaken and go after it again, its like the Mummy curse you don't touch the treasures or else you'll awaken the dead.

But his loss would just be that, he still has the title, but Ted Jr, along with many other superstars reminiscent of the Casket Match with Yokozuna, put Taker away, with the title, either in a casket, or buried alive, or better yet BOTH. But with Ted Jr. Putting the final nail in the coffin.

Undertaker's fairwell would be seen much like that casket match, but shown with his soul leaving with the championship.

This would be the ultimate ending and pretty much perfect with no Objections in the minds of Taker fans.

After all Taker's gimmick is of theatrical nature, and this would be his outing with a "bang"