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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The TNA Impact Videogame

The new TNA Impact Videogame was recently launched and I eagerly expected it and bought it. It was basically a huge mistake! The game is bad! It can not compare with the Smackdown vs Raw series in the least bit. The latest news has it that Midway already started working on the second game and I really think that I will be a lot more cautios with that one. TNA basically created a lot of buzz on this game and used the feud between Angle and Cage, not to mention good enough teasers to make people want to buy. They succeeded as they are great but the game is not.

First of there is no create a wrestler mode. The satisfaction you can get from a wrestling game is so much less when this does not exist. You can really only play Story mode and the one feature that is fun and will be entertaining is the inclusion of the Ultimate X wrestling match. Get on your favorite console and play a few matches with friends and that is about it! TNA Impact the Videogame is something that is just different than Smackdown vs Raw and that has a different type of control over the players plus the 6 sided ring. I was definitely expecting a whole lot more from this video game and I think all of us were!

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