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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Christian Cage - TNA or WWE?

It was reported everywhere so surely you know that Christian Cage's contract with TNA will expire this year. This basically means that he could stay or return to the WWE and one should think that he would have a good spot on Smackdown for a feud or reunion with The Rated R Superstar, Edge (that is when he will return or a lot in the future).

Inside sources reported that Christian Cage is happy with the pay TNA gives him but he does have a problem with the creative team. To make it even worse, one of his friends, Scott D'Amore, left the TNA creative team so this would be a reason for Cage to go for the WWE. It does seem that a lot of wrestlers are currently exchanged between the two wrestling companies and each wants the best possible. Christian Cage is among the best so anyone that signs him would have an advantage when talking about a hard working wrestler. Although 35, Christian Cage is not showing ring rust yet and can still go for a long time. Let us see what happens with the wrestler in the future!

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