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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chris Benoit Case Officially Closed

It is officially over for the Chris Benoit case. According to an official statement by the Fayette County Sheriff's Office in Georgia, the investigations linked with the killings of Chris Benoit, his wife and son are closed. It was concluded that the initial outcome outlined is the one that happened. This means that Benoit murdered his wife by strangling her with the use of a cord and a choke hold was utilized to kill his son. After that the wrestler hanged himself by using exercise equipment in his personal gym. Now the one big question that was not answered is whether or not steroids played a part in what happened. The medical examiner could not say if this was the case although a lot of suspicion exists on this topic. We do know that anabolic steroids were found in the home of Chris Benoit and tests done on his body showed that his testosterone levels were ten times the normal amount. The wrestler's personal doctor, Phil Astin, is currently facing federal charges of having prescribed medication in an improper fashion to 2 individuals other than Benoit. It is also expected that the doctor will receive more charges. It was Astin that prescribed Benoit a 10 month supply for Chris Benoit every 3 or 4 weeks for 1 year prior to the murder.

Now wrestling fans from around the world are divided when talking about Chris Benoit. A lot of fans of the wrestler have shown different people that hated Benoit and that might have killed him and his family. Now we need to realize that the official conclusion issued by the police is the one that is most likely accurate. The only thing that might have happened is a roid rage moment that came from anabolic steroids although it can not be proven. I was and still am a huge Chris Benoit fan and he should have been inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame for sure in the future although this will never happen now for sure. He still is one of the best wrestlers ever and he is an example for a lot of young wrestlers out there when talking about his career and life. Too bad this was the end of Chris Benoit as it should not have happened like this. Love him or hate him, he was and remains one of the best wrestlers ever. For those of you that want to watch it, here is a tribute video for Benoit, found on YouTube:

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