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Friday, February 15, 2008

Rey Mysterio Injured

It seems that Rey Mysterio's journey towards the World Championship might have come to a complete stop. There is a big chance that he suffered from a severe injury in Santiago, Chile at Arena Santiago. Rey Mysterio competed in a tag team match with Kane as his partner and took on Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins. During the wrestling match Rey suffered an injury to his right bicep but he did continue the match and then was quickly examined by the WWE athletic trainer as he was leaving the ring.

Rey Mysterio is back in the US and he should be consulted by surgeon Dr. James Andrews, the one man that can tell him the extent of the injury. The problem is that Rey really wants to compete at No Way Out, where he should face Edge for the World Championship. Now the problem is such an injury will probably not make the doctor give the thumbs up for competing and any match with Edge is tough on the body. More news is expected soon but this is a blow to Rey's career and WWE. If Rey can not make it he will need to be replaced. Speculations are already high on this topic and a lot of people seem to be mentioning Kane.

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