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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Big Show at No Way Out 2008

OK! We all expected the Big Show to appear at No Way Out and to see him with a lot of weight lost but we probably did not really expect what happened there. Big Show came out and almost attacked Rey Mysterio although no attack really happened. Then Floyd Mayweather jumped in the ring and eventually gave Big Show a couple of strong shots. Now I did some boxing in my life and those were real strong hits. That did look like a broken nose that Big Show got. Now whatever the case is, we do know that Big SHow has been training and tried to follow a boxing career and now Mayweather in the WWE ring on RAW with a titantron movie and coming on the entrance way is no coincidence. So let me get this straight, whenever somebody calls Floyd Mayweather out he has to retaliate. Now Big Show was probably not the one that should have said he was sorry but hey, who am I to judge? We are going to have a match with Floyd Mayweather versus the Big Show, one on one but we do not know what kind of match it will be. It will surely be at Wrestlemania but will it be a REAL boxing match? In any case, here is what happened at No Way Out:

And here is the episode that made it official, in some way, Floyd Mayweather versus the Big Show:

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