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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Too many injuries in the WWE

There are way too many injuries in the WWE at the moment. John Cena went through surgery and will be sidelined for a long period of time. We all knew that as it was public and even on the WWE website but there are other professional wrestlers that are wrestling for the company currently sidelined. During the last SmackDown tapings it was confirmed that Jamie Noble botched an aerial move and had a bad on neck landing and Jeff Hardy also landed on his neck after a bad Whisper in the Wind. This is not to mention the fact that Ken Kenedy is scheduled for a surgery on his shoulder this Friday. The injury came in a wrestling match against Shelton Benjamin and ever since that macth Mr. Kenedy has been working light. He has a torn labron and even a damaged rotatory cuff. There are quite some injuries in the WWE and if we add the fact that Edge had to step down due to huge fatigue and pain in his entire body it does seem strange to see something like this. Wrestling truly is a demanding sport but still, too many injuries in the WWE in my book.

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