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Friday, August 15, 2008

Crazy Edge Versus the Undertaker at Summerslam

Well, I really do not have any idea who the WWE got to write the stories now but I must say that I am quite impressed. This entire Edge versus The Undertaker feud is very interesting and did not go as people expected at all. In most cases the stories would be guessed by wrestling fans but this one was quite unexpected. The black rose turnaround was pretty cool and the fact that they are putting a crazy Edge in hell in a cell against The Undertaker just made this the most expected match at Summerslam. I must also say that the choices made by the WWE are quite good as the matches at Summerslam should be a feast. It will be interesting to see how the Undertaker would wrestle and if he really is 100% and Edge should be awesome as well. I expect them to go to the top of the cage of course but what I really expect is to see a match that could go either ways. For the first time in this Undertaker versus Edge feud I would have no problem with Edge wining the match and seeing Undertaker go with Kane and re-forming the Brothers of Destruction. Kane's storyline is interesting, John Cena versus Batista is interesting and even Santino and Beth Phoenix is nice to see. For the first time in history I get to see that Triple H's title and CM Punk's title are put on the line in a pay per view in two matches that are not so eagerly expected by fans as matches that do not have a title on the line: Edge versus the Undertaker and John Cena versus Batista. This is one wrestling match that should not be missed ad I am sure everybody is expecting something HUGE!

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