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Friday, August 29, 2008

Mick Foley Jumps Wagon

I never thought I would see this but hey, another top WWE superstar looks like is going to TNA. Some of the best including Booker T, Christian Cage, Team 3D and Kurt Angle are already on the TNA roster. The latest indication that Mick Foley is a member of TNA now stands in the fact that he is no longer available on the web site and various inside sources in TNA state that merchandise for Mick Foley have already started being created. Although this is weird and unexpected it is still a surprise. WWE got Gail Kim and Ron Killings from TNA (among others) and TNA brings in Mick Foley. I am really curious to see how he will be implemented in the system. Every wrestling fan out there is curios whether or not Mick Foley will start wrestling again or not, that is quite a question that should be answered as soon as the possible clauses in the WWE contract allow TNA to take advantage of Foley. One thing is for sure: Mick Foley will get a standing ovation by TNA fans, although he does not necessarily fit the pattern in the company. Then again, TNA started to forget about the X-Division and how that got them on the map. Still, a Mick Foley return in the wrestling ring would be something (if he is still able to wrestle properly).

The real problem is that this move might have Mick Foley not be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame. This would totally be a shape because he has done so much for the company. Just remember that Hell in a Cell match against the Undertaker and what happened there. Mick said it was the best match in his life but even The Undertaker thought his career was over. I sure hope that will not happen. Here is a very good Mick Foley Tribute Video, enjoy and enjoy everything this man has ever done for WWE fans.

UPDATE - 01 September 2009

At a recent Cleveland Indians game Mick Foley attended in order to throw the opening pitch. During an interview Foley said that he did not sign with TNA, although he might try out a pay per view event with the company. According to the people that saw this interview the Hardcore Legend was not aware of the rumors of him joining TNA and the truth is that he can not sign with the company until his contract is over (which is already a reality as far as sources say). This basically means that we might see Mick Foley wrestle but it is still not confirmed whether or not a contract with TNA will be signed in the future.

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