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Friday, August 22, 2008

Does John Cena Suck?

I see this huge fight between wrestling fans talking about John Cena and whether or not he sucks (both literally and not). Well, with him being gay the situation is very simple: so far there is no proof that John Cena is gay except for clips made by what has been labeled as Cena Haters. Now, talking about the John Cena Sucks topic, all is related to whether or not he is a good wrestler. So many people keep talking about the fact that he can only use 5 moves. Well, if you actually take a look at his matches you will notice that he does know a lot more and the simple wrestling moves that he executes are executed with high angles or variations in mind.

Now the entire world of the WWE revolves around "E", which does mean ENTERTAINMENT.We are not talking about wrestling in Japan, where all is more brutal. We are talking about shows, acting and basically entertainment. Any professional wrestler that can make the crowd love him or hate him is what is considered good in this business. He will get the belt eventually just because of this factor. Take a good look at Santino Marella for instance. He is not a great wrestler but he is so funny that people want to see him. There was one commentary in a Smackdown vs Raw video game that said something like "If the people don't buy a ticket to cheer for him, they will buy one to see him beat up!" The WWE is focused on entertainment and this is why John Cena will always be considered a good wrestler in the company, as long as writers have something to do with him.

I am not defending John Cena. He is not as good as a wrestler as others on the brand but people do want to see him win and lose at the same time. He gets mixed reactions based on where he goes. He is charismatic and talking about in ring ability, although he might not be that great, he does have explosion in his moves, not to mention not being afraid of taking risks. John Cena does not suck although you are entitled to your own opinion. Do not forget the fact that the WWE is based on a show and remember that a midget won a belt as well so you can not really criticize Cena. If you want to see good wrestlers take a look at TNA or some other wrestling federations!

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