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Friday, November 2, 2007

MVP vs Kane - Cyber Sunday 2007

After Matt Hardy's injury the WWE was left without a match for the US Championship at Cyber Sunday. This was quickly fixed by changing everything to a regular wrestling match with the US championship on the line between MVP and an opponent that was supposed to be chosen between Mark Henry, The Great Khali and Kane. I thought Kane was going to be the opponent and this was the fact at Cyber Sunday 2007. My first thought was that I was going to see a bad match that will see MVP win but out of something like a DQ so that MVP will retain the title in order to continue the feud with Matt Hardy. So, the match saw vintage Kane wrestling moves and a focus by MVP on his ribs because of the injured ribs of Kane keyfabe going on at the moment. What was interesting in this match was that Kane fought back and attacked MVP's ribs as well. The end of the match was kind of unexpected as it was a count-out of MVP. So, Kane won the wrestling match but did not win the title.

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