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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

TNA Genesis 2007 - The Steiners vs AJ Syles and Tomko

This was a wrestling match for the tag titles between the Steiner Brothers and the team of Tomko and AJ Styles. I wanted AJ's team to win but I was sure that there was going to be some controversy there as theoretically speaking the Steiner Brothers are the better team with the biggest wrestling experience. Unfortunately I did not expect a great match and thought that this might just be the weakest of TNA Genesis 2007. Up until that moment all the matches were great so this one being bad would probably make no difference.

The match was pretty good although quite slow. On the other hand we did have only one fast man in the ring and the other three wrestlers have other qualities. We saw shifts in momentum, as if it should happen at a wrestling pay per view and the end was controversial of course. We did see the classic tag team finisher by the Steiners and then a counter at an attempt of a head scissors take down with a powerbomb by Rick Steiner. We had the three count but the referee was busy with Tomko and Scott Steiner on the outside. Well, then AJ Styles used a chair on Rick Steiner after a low blow and AJ Styles got the pin. Great tag team wrestling match for the titles. Not a lot of combined tag team moves but great nonetheless.

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