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Monday, November 12, 2007

TNA Genesis - Knockout Championship First defence for Gail Kim

This was an interesting set up. We have a four way fight for the Women Championship in TNA, called Knockout, a match that saw Gail Kim (the title holder) against ODB, Roxxi Laveaux (she was my favorite) and Angel Williams. ODB definitely had the best entrance and we can say that she has a powerful character set up there, as does Roxxi Laveaux. Well, I must say that it has been a long time since I saw a good women's wrestling match. In the WWE it has been a long long long time but it looks like in TNA I can have a chance to do this. These ladies here wrestled a hell of a match with Gail Kim winning and retaining the Knockout Championship on her first title defense since when she won it at Bound For Glory. We did see a lot of wrestling moves, some very well executed. We also saw a triple involvement in the corner, similar to what we sometimes see in the X Division. I must say that TNA has a golden opportunity to put women's wrestling back on top. Bulldogs, suicide dives, side slams, a spear, inverted neck breakers, these ladies really know how to wrestle.

Gail Kim did appear to be the better in the match and dominated a lot of it although it was a fatal four way. Only Roxxi Laveaux did not really impress me but she did take a nice cross body on the outside of the ring and she did seem to hit hard when she fell. Well, maybe Roxxi is still not a good wrestler or maybe this is just the character. No matter the case, TNA Genesis got better and better as I watched it and this ladies match was great. And, when all seemed finished, Awesome Kong appeared and walked to the ring. Showdown and maybe we get to see a David vs Goliath type of feud with Awesome Kong and Gail Kim in the future. Thumbs up TNA!

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