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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Historic Wrestling Matches - Steve Austin vs Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania 14

This was a history making wrestling match in the WWE. We saw the world champion at the time, Shawn Michaels going at it against Stone Cold Steve Austin. Those were the days of the original Degeneration-X and in Michaels' corner stood Triple H and Chyna. To make the odds even worse for Steve Austin, there was also special enforcer Mike Tyson, who came to the ring wearing a DX T-shirt. We saw Shawn Michaels getting thrown on Triple H and of course, we also saw Triple H interfering in the match. Then we saw a shift in the momentum as Triple H and Chyna were forced to leave ring side. This did not have an immediate impact on the match. Stone Cold and Shawn Michaels battled outside of the ring, hit each other with whatever they got their hands on. This includes the ring bell, chairs and throwing the opponent into the crowd. We saw a figure four leg lock by Michaels and soon a sleeper that saw Stone Cold trying to escape and the referee was knocked out. Shawn Michaels delivered the elbow drop from the turnbuckle and then went for a Sweet Chin Music finisher but only received the Stunner from Steve Austin. Then we did not have a referee but Mike Tyson shocked the world by counting the 1-2-3 and making Steve Austin the new World Heavyweight Champion. To make it even better, he also punched out Shawn Michaels. Here is the end of that match. Sorry for the low quality but I couldn't find this wrestling match in higher quality anywhere:

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