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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Survivor Series Update

Survivor Series is quickly coming round the corner for the WWE and it seems like their traditional match is going to be one that will put in a lot of wrestlers that were not fitted anywhere else, which is kind of weird. The traditional Survivor Series elimination wrestling match will see the team of Rey Mysterio, Kane, Triple H, Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy fight against the team of Umaga, Big Daddy V, MVP, Mr. Kennedy and Finlay. So we basically get to see the feuds of Finlay vs Rey Mysterio, Matt Hardy vs MVP and Triple H vs Umaga continue while the rest are just extras. Still, a lot of talent and potential in this match. We are also going to see a WWE Title match that will see Randy Orton against Shawn Michales (as expected) and Batista vs The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell wrestling match for the World Heavyweight Title.

This basically means that we will get to see Shawn Michaels win the title now and maybe The Undertaker defeating Batista to get back the World Heavyweight Title although there is one big question coming up: where is Edge in these plans? Given how things stood before his injury it might be something concerning both The Undertaker and Batista so we might see him interfering in the match or maybe even getting add on the title match, thus maybe obtaining a 3-way Hell in a Cell Match. That would be special and could end up spectacular. Also, what in the world happens with Chris Jericho and what is with that Save.US commercial? Leaving all aside now, I want to see Edge wrestle again and let us hope it will be a nice pay per view, not like Cyber Sunday, which in my view was kind of like a fiasco except for the Batista vs Undertaker match and the Shawn Michaels vs Randy Orton match (which still should have been better). I am also tired of Umaga vs Triple H. Get him in DX again or maybe in contendership spot or something. You are wasting him on the roster. After what Triple H had to endure at No Mercy he should get a prize of some sort!

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