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Monday, November 12, 2007

TNA Genesis 2007 Sonjay Dutt vs Jay Lethal for the X Division Championship

This was for the X Division Championship and I was sure we were bound for a good, athletic wrestling match. We got to see Sonjay Dutt "The Guru" fight against the title holder, "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal. Although I hate the way Lethal's character is so similar to Randy Savage I still wanted him to win as I do see him as the better wrestler between the two. Well, what can I say? If I were to put down on paper all the great moves and wrestling combinations we saw in this match I wouldn't be able to deal with just one A4 sheet of paper. The match was great, we of course saw the lethal combination followed by the flying elbow drop for the win but we also saw Sonjay Dutt's Camel Clutch submission. A lot of flying, great athletic ability by both wrestlers and I must say that training together as a tag team probably made it possible to have so many interesting moves in just one match. It was truly a wrestling match that represents the X Division of TNA.

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