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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Randy Orton vs Shawn Michaels - Survivor Series 2007

One match that was pretty interesting at Survivor Series 2007 was between Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton for the WWE Heavyweight Championship. We were faced with "Special stipulations" that actually ment that Shawn Michaels was not allowed to use Sweet Chin Music while Randy Orton would lose the title if he got himself disqualified. With such stipulations I thought that the match would be very technical and that Shawn would lose and Orton would retain the title. I also thought this would be the end of the HBK vs Randy Orton rivalry. Shawn Michaels appeared to be looking for a submission ever since the start of the match. We also saw a lovely Springboard moonsault on the outside followed by a lovely cross body from the turnbuckle. Then came the sharpshooter, a move I have not seen Michaels execute in a long long time. Then came the elbow drop from the turnbuckle and then soon came the crossface, the one made famous by the late Chris Benoit as The Crippler Crossface. I did not expect that one at all although the sharpshooter was expected. The next submission move was even more unexpected as it was the ankle lock, the one made famous in professional wrestling by Ken Shamrock and Kurt Angle. We saw it being actually quite similar to Angle's ankle lock. Then came the end, Michaels wanting to go for Sweet Chin Music, hesitating and stops so that he would not get discualified and then came the RKO. Randy Orton won although the entire match saw Shawn Michaels being on top of Randy when it comes to wrestling skills. Great match and the heel won. But this was not the end. We did get to see Sweet Chin Music after the end of the match so in the fans' eyes the real winner was Shawn Michaels.

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