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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

TNA Genesis 2007 Kaz vs Christian Cage

This was the final of the Fight for the Right wrestling tournament organized in TNA to offer the winner a title match at the world championship. Kaz was the underdog of course and Christian Cage, "The Instant Classic" was the one that was supposed to win, given his experience in ladder matches as this was a ladder match. Christian Cage instructed AJ Styles and Tomko to stay out of the arena but this did not happen of course. We saw what looked like a devastating frog splash by Cage on Kaz, who was put on a ladder outside the ring. That one there was the highlight of the match in my view but the inverted DDT from the ladder by Christian Cage was also lovely and a classic when it comes to his ladder matches. The end was pretty interesting and I did not see it coming. Both wrestlers were on the ladder, small distraction by AJ Styles and then the ladder fell with both Kaz and Cage still on it. Kaz held on but Christian Cage landed on Tomko and AJ Styles. The winner thus became KAZ, who I do not really think is going to get the title at the end but hey, the guy is still young and pretty good.

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